The 24th Annual High School Research Poster Session

Saturday, February 1, 2020

This annual poster competition for high school students, sponsored jointly by the American Chemical Society and St. Joseph's University, took place Feb. 1, 2020, at our Brooklyn campus. With 61 poster presentations and 71 participants from seven area high schools attended, the quality of the research on display at the event was better than ever. Each student received a certificate. Twelve projects earned honorable mentions and received additional certificates. Four winners garnered additional certificates and gift cards from Amazon. 



  1. Tristan Ene,  Midwood High School
    The Effectiveness of DEP Water Quality Testing in Jamaica Bay
  2. Nadzeya Fliaha, Midwood High School
    Probing the meta-magnetic order using magnetocaloric data and data analysis


  1. Anum Jabeen,  Midwood High School
    Deep Sequencing Anemone Mitogenomes: Understanding Evolutionary Relationships
  2. Anya Reinhart, Edward R. Murrow High School
    The Synergistic Effects of Piper nigrum l, Selenium and Panax ginseng on Curuma longa to Enhance the Inhibition of Saccharomyces cerevisiae: an Antic


  1. Ramzi Saber, Jose Marti STEM Academy
    Discovery and Spectroscopy of a Young Jovian Exoplanet with the ALADIN and Systemic Database
  2. Naffisat Atanda & Serena Duran, Midwood High School
    The Relationship between Academic Performance and Social Anxiety in College Students
  3. Fernanda Velasco, High Tech High School
    Deriving Ovarian Cancer Cell Clones From Primary Patient Material
  4. Reem Abughannam, High Tech High School
    Graviola's Antibacterial Properties Against Prone Antibiotics Resistant Bacteria
  5. Daniel Drozdov & Victoria Habbchy, Midwood High School
    Expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) and production of nitric oxide (NO) by human monocytes after freezing and storage
  6. Defne Sener, Midwood High School
    Biofuels from Brown Grease
  7. Gabriella Shalumov, Midwood High School
    The Effect of Naturalistic Visual Stimuli on Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) Motor Behavior
  8. Lameya Rahman, Midwood High School
    Effect of Iron on Neisseria gonorrhoeae’s Type IV Pili (TFp)
  9. Galena Gomez, Jose Marti STEM Academy
    Using Technology as a Positive Approach in Third World Countries (Global Health Connection)
  10. Oliwia Dankiw & Blessin McFarlane, Midwood High School
    Need For Speed: Decomposition rates of conventional plastics versus bioplastics
  11. Kelly Guan & Jessica Zheng, Midwood High School
    Analyzing the effects of media multitasking on academic performance for disordered and non-disordered adolescents
  12. Isaac Del Villar, Jose Marti STEM Academy
    Isolation of Marine Bacteria with Broad Range Antimicrobial Activity


“Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs and Strategies to Improve Their Solubility”

Daniele Musumeci, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, CUNY-York College

Dr. Musumeci holds a Ph.D in Chemistry from Sheffield University in UK, and a BS/MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences from la Universita’ di Catania in Italy, where he is also a licensed pharmacist. Musumeci is currently an Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences at CUNY-York College investigating poorly water-soluble drugs and developing systems to improve their solubility. The delivery of poorly water-soluble drugs is a crucial problem for the pharmaceutical industry. Approximately 90% of current drug candidates in the R&D pipeline have low water solubility and risk to fail due to solubility problems. Several drug delivery systems have been developed in the last decades to increase the solubility and/or the dissolution rate of poorly soluble drugs. However, very often their mechanism of action remains poorly understood and their selections is mostly based on empirical criteria. This seminar will provide an overview of the strategies employed by pharmaceutical scientists to improve oral solubility, with a particular focus on supersaturating drug delivery systems.

We would like to acknowledge those who worked to make this event a success:

Chairperson: Jill K. Rehmann, Ph.D.

Event Coordinator: Jeonghee Kang, Ph.D.

Photographer: Rachel Tejiram and Ketevan Basilashvili


  • Antonio Ariza
  • Michael Beatty
  • Tashoy Campbell
  • Jillian Beth Coughlin
  • Catalina Gaya
  • David Gonzales
  • Jeonghee Kang
  • Kevin Kolack
  • Jong Lee
  • Danel Mace
  • Michael Mckoy
  • Gail Moran
  • Kone Moriamou
  • Grishma Patel
  • Emiliia Petrovskaia
  • Nora Plante
  • Jill Rehmann
  • Selwyn Robertson
  • Nathalia Santos
  • Melissa Stitt-Dastous
  • Rachael Summers
  • Adja Thiam
  • Benedick Turner


  • Kevin Anderson
  • Hartwig Ashleigh
  • Arnaldo Deliz
  • Rachel De Mesa
  • Dara Desrosrers
  • Sean Devine Dunn
  • Marisa Hernandez
  • Jasmine Jordan Matthews
  • Elmira Kasymova
  • Kavan Meiner
  • Sashoy  Milton
  • Victoria Parache
  • Chris Saad
  • Anjala Tamang
  • Valentina Velez Valencia

With support from:

  • Office of Institutional Advancement
  • Office of Student Life