Mentor Program

Mentor Program

Fall 2024

The Mentor Program is an opportunity for SJNY alumni and students to foster meaningful relationships that will set mentees up for success in their future careers and life beyond St. Joseph’s University. The fall program, running from September 23 - December 4, includes both alumni-to-alumni mentoring and alumni-to-student mentoring, enabling alumni to share their professional and personal experience and expertise with current students and young alumni. 

The only requirement is that participants register on SJNYconnect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a mentor?


Mentors are alumni who are passionate about sharing their time, knowledge and resources with current students and fellow alumni. Offering insight and broader perspectives based on real-world experience during key decision-making times, alumni mentors can help provide structure to their mentee’s life, plan for next steps in their career and help them build their professional networks.

Who can be a mentee?

Mentees are current students or young alumni looking for guidance as they navigate their SJNY journey, embark upon their career, consider a career change or explore graduate school. Mentees want to grow professionally, learn skills, explore career paths and expand their professional networks. 

It is important to note that mentees are responsible for initiating the conversation with their mentors and are encouraged to connect with their mentors at least 3 times throughout their established relationship. 

How long is the Mentor Program?

By joining the program, mentors and mentees are committing to their relationship for the Fall 2024 semester (Sept 23 through Dec 4). Email updates and reminders will be communicated via the platform to ensure pairs have adequate time to connect and work together to complete program milestones.

How will I be matched with my mentor/mentee?

Mentors and mentees will be matched based on the program’s unique algorithm, taking into account users’ profile details, including industry, major, and location.

Help! I’ve never been a mentor/mentee before.

You’re not alone! We recommend checking out the Mentor Group, a great way to stay informed of key dates, receive helpful mentoring tips, and ask questions. Additionally, in the Resources tab, you will find plenty of materials (i.e. Suggested Questions, Sample Emails, Dos and Don’ts) to help you best navigate this new and exciting relationship. 

What if I do not hear from my mentee or mentor?

Please contact Sylvie Brown at [email protected] or via direct message on right away to discuss next steps.

Fall 2024 Key Dates

  • May-September: Alumni and students log on to to indicate that they are offering or seeking a mentor relationship. Update profile settings to ensure high-quality matches and be sure to check out the Mentor Group, the easiest way to stay informed and receive mentoring tips.
  • September 23: Mentors and mentees will be officially matched via our program algorithm. Look out for that first email introduction!
  • December 4: Mentor Program ends.

Getting Started for Prospective Mentors and Mentees

  1. Register or log in to
  2. Update and complete your profile by clicking on “Edit Profile” at the top right. 
    1. Upload a professional photo. 
    2. Include professional, academic and volunteer experience. We encourage you to include as much additional “Other Information” to ensure you have the most robust profile for creating a mentorship match.
    3. Update the industry, location and mentorship type fields.
    4. Under the “Mentoring” section:
      1. Alumni who are offering mentoring to a student, or students seeking mentorship should select “Mentor a student.”
      2. Alumni who are offering mentoring to other alumni or young alumni seeking mentorship should select “Mentor an alumna/alumnus.”
      3. Make sure to click “Save” at the bottom of the page to save all changes.
  3. Take note of key dates and review helpful materials under the Resources tab
  4. Check out the Mentor Group to stay connected and receive helpful mentoring tips.
  5. Ensure receipt of our emails by adding [email protected] to your list of safe senders.

Mentor Program Contact Information

The Office of Alumni Engagement will be your primary point of contact. 

All questions, concerns and feedback can be communicated to:

Sylvie Brown
Associate Director of Alumni Engagement
[email protected]