The 21st Annual High School Research Poster Session

The 21st Annual High School Research Poster Session

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Check out a photo slideshow of the 2016 event here.

This annual poster competition for high school students, sponsored jointly by the American Chemical Society and St. Joseph's University, took place on Saturday, February 6, 2016 on the Brooklyn campus. There were 107 poster presentations and 113 participants registered in this year’s event. Students from 9 area high schools attended and the quality of the research was better than ever. All of the students received certificates. There were 10 honorable mentions who received a gift bag from Vigon International. There were 4 winners who received a gift bag from Vigon International and gift cards from Amazon. 



  1. Mie  Abouelkheir, Midwood High School
    How does the type of substrate affect the size of Monk Parakeets' (Myiopsitta monachus ) nests? 
  2. Nicholas  Simone, Holy Cross High School
    Fungicide Maneb and Mancozeb Induce Senescence via p53, p27, p15/16 Pathways


  1. Bilal Azhar, Midwood High School
    Comparison of Heat to Work Conversion in First Order and Second Order Magnets 
  2. Brian Chen, Edward R. Murrow High School
    Development of lightweight hollow-particle filled composites for safer vehicles


  1. Urooj Ansari Midwood, High School
    The Physical and Chemical Warfare between Streptococcus Mutans and Streptococcus Sanguinis
  2. Leutrim Cahani, Midwood High School
    The role of Vitamin D in Neisseria Gonorrhoeae infection in human epithelial cells
  3. Sally Li Edward R. Murrow High School
    A Novel Immunoglobulin Light Chain Lambda Subset in Little Skates, Raja erinacea
  4. Nga Ying Lo Midwood High School
    Development of an Efficient Synthesis of Trifluoromethylated Compounds and the Purification of Products Produced from Reactions with Vinylketenes.
  5. Josie Martinez Union City High School
    Enucleation of alveolar macrophages
  6. Erik Menjivar Queens High School for the Sciences
    A Comparative Geological Investigation of Beach Sands Collected from Far Rockaway (Queens, New York City) and Montauk Point (Long Island)
  7. Joshua Pilipovsky Midwood High School
    Accuracy of the Ising Approximation in Quantum Computation
  8. Josue Sanchez Union City High School
    Argon Dates of Martian Meteorite NWA 7533
  9. Kai Saunders Midwood High School
    Urban Soil: Metal Content in Artifacts 
  10. Tracey Simon  Union City High School
    Lipid Based Nanocarriers

Keynote Address

How to Make a Difference with Your Research
Tina Zottoli, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Montclair State University

Dr. Tina Zottoli is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Montclair State University and a NYS licensed clinical psychologist, who provides psychological assessment, expert testimony and consultation in civil and criminal court cases. Dr. Zottoli's expertise is in adolescent neurocognitive development and decision-making, especially as applied to legal contexts. She maintains an active research program centered on questions relevant to criminal and juvenile justice policy and her main focus is currently on the decision making of youth who are offered plea deals in criminal (adult) court.

We would like to acknowledge those who worked to make this event a success:

Chairperson: Jill K. Rehmann, Ph.D.

Event Coordinator: Rhomesia Ramkellowan

Photographer: Andrey Moiseyenko


  • Ralph Alcendor
  • Salma Allam
  • Jessica Beatty
  • Micheal Beatty
  • Theresa Cea
  • Marco Diaz Cordova
  • Jennifer Haghpanah
  • Corey Harrilal
  • Christine Johnson
  • Jeonghee Kang
  • Kevin Kolack
  • Iya Likhtina
  • Gail Moran
  • Yvonne Nathan
  • Rose Nierer
  • Ann Paiva
  • Nora Plante
  • Jill Rehmann
  • Roman Romero
  • Aduke Saibu
  • Nnonyem Sappleton
  • Alicia Smith
  • Kenya Velez
  • Carlo Yuvienco
  • Elizabeth Zollinger


  • Cuong Dao
  • Alana Dunn
  • Sharifa Esha
  • Jasleen Galan
  • Rigoberto Gomez
  • Maria Guanga
  • Mayssa Gregoire
  • Ronojoy Hem
  • Sally Idris
  • Xiaotong Jiang
  • Hiba Khan
  • Yangzom Lhamo
  • Tasnim Uddin 

With support from:

  • Admissions Department
  • Alumni Department
  • Student Life Department
  • Office of Career Development 
  • Vigon International