The 18th Annual High School Research Poster Session

Saturday, February 2, 2013

This annual poster competition for high school students, sponsored jointly by the American Chemical Society and St. Joseph's University, took place on Saturday, February 2, 2013 on the Brooklyn Campus. There were 92 poster presentations and 102 participants in this year’s event, making it the most well attended competition to date. Students from 7 area highs schools attended and the quality of the research was also better than ever. All of the students received certificates and the winners received Barnes and Noble gift cards. 


  1. Precious Martinez, Union City High School
    Year Two of Developing Robotic Technology to Make Handicap Independent
  2. Kevin Romero, Union City High School
    Photochemical Oxidation of Eugenol Adsorbed on Rutile


  1. Ron Baazov, Midwood High School
    Interaction of Lupus-Inducing Drugs With Hydrogen Peroxide and Development of a Lupus Test
  2. Prianka Zaman, Midwood High School


  1. Angelica Alvarado, High Tech High School
    Music and Spatial-Temporal Reasoning
  2. Christopher Ayala, Midwood High School
    Encoding Information with Light's Angular Momentum
  3. Heidi De Leon, Union City High School
    Expression of EphA3 protein
  4. Ryan Fraser, Midwood High School
    Immobilization of Photosystem II Core Complexes onto Titanium Dioxide Surfaces
  5. Ashley Giannita, Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics
    The Role of Cell Signaling in Cytoskeleton of Dictyostelium discoideum and Its Implication on Cancer Metastasis
  6. Karina Guaman, Union City High School
    Evaluating the Inhibitory Effects of Vitamin E in Breast Cancer
  7. Azka Javaid, James Madison High School
    Regeneration of Interneuromast Cells Following Laser Ablation in Zebrafish
  8. Arleni Liriano, Union City High School
    Methods to Improve the Efficiency of Cadmium Telluride Thin-Film Solar Cells
  9. Rasidha Rahman, Queens High School for the Sciences
    Synthesis and Study of Photochemical Reactivity of a New Phototrigger for Drug Delivery
  10. Syeda Rasool, Midwood High School
    The Effect of Low Dose Lead Exposure on Cortical Bone Mineral Properties of Young C57/BL6 Female Mice
  11. Kaylee Saltos, Union City High School
    Biomimetic Nanofibers Regulate Cellular Behavior in Dermal Tissue Engineering
  12. Krystel Velez, Union City High School
    Finding New Inhibitors Of Cytochrome P450


Glen R. Kowach, of the City College of New York Chemistry Department, presented the keynote address entitled Synthesis of Novel Materials and Application in Optics and Electronics. The use of novel materials has directed device design in countless ways. He focused on three examples based on materials developed in his laboratory. First, negative thermal expansion materials, such as zirconium tungstate, have permitted the fabrication of temperature compensated fiber Bragg gratings, devices used in optical telecommunication. Second, temperature independent optical materials were discovered to reduce distortion in optical devices, such as etalons for solid state lasers. Single crystals of sodium bismuth molybdenum tungsten oxide were grown to possess a temperature independent coefficient of the optical path length. Third, piezoelectric thin films of zinc oxide were developed for piezoelectric microwave-frequency acoustic resonators. The piezoelectric performance was correlated to crystallinity and stoichiometry of the thin films. 

We would like to acknowledge those who worked to make this event a success:

Chairperson: Jill K. Rehmann, Ph.D.


  • Ann Paiva
  • Celeste Regino
  • Charanjeet Jassal
  • Daniel Mace
  • Erica Carrasquillo
  • Estefania Lazo
  • Francesca Rampino
  • Frédérique Jean-Baptiste
  • Jeonghee Kang
  • Jesse Iozzio
  • Jessica Vilme
  • Jill Rehmann
  • Keith Williams
  • Kevin Kolack
  • Kevin Pruna
  • Kone Moriamou
  • Lewis Wong
  • Luke Petrinovic
  • Mandy Pabon
  • Michael Beatty
  • Nina Burbure
  • Nora Plante
  • Phia Martinez
  • Raymond Morales
  • Rebecca Jason-Rousseau
  • Rhomesia Ramkellowan
  • Teneika Benn
  • Tiara Simon
  • Tiffany Rodriguez
  • Tyisha Persaud
  • Yolanda Lock