The 17th Annual High School Research Poster Session

Saturday, February 4, 2012

This annual poster competition for high school students, sponsored jointly by the American Chemical Society and St. Joseph's University, took place on Saturday, February 4, 2012 on the Brooklyn Campus. There were 70 poster presentations and 77 participants in this year’s event, making it the most well attended competition to date. Students from 6 area highs schools attended and the quality of the research was also better than ever. All of the students received certificates and the winners received Barnes and Noble gift cards.


  1. Chandni Sharma, High Tech High School
    The Effects of Varying Electrospun Fiber Diameters on Cell Seeding Results
  2. Tammy Jiang, Midwood High School
    The Role of SDF1-interacting Proteins in Collective Cell Migration


  1. Emilee Yang, Jacinda Zhou and Amanda Ye, Midwood High School
    Protein and Lipid Interactions of Phosphoglycerate Kinase
  2. Mervy Michael, Union City High School
    The Removal Of Harmful Contaminants In Water Using Low Temperature Microplasma
  3. Yara Montoya, Union City High School
    Synthetic Routes to Nature-Base Materials for Food Packaging

10 presentations were awarded honorable mention certificates.

Kone Moriamou, Ph.D., of the St. Joseph's University Chemistry Department, presented the keynote address entitled Physicochemical and Structural Studies on Biological Macromolecules where she discussed her ongoing research at Brookhaven Nation Labs.  In her talk she also shared her life experiences and how they lead to her career in science and research. She said that pursuing a dream is not always easy and she encouraged the students to pursue theirs. The students, many of whom, like Dr. Kone, were born in other countries, were inspired by her reflections.

We would like to acknowledge those who worked to make this event a success:

Chairperson: Jill K. Rehmann, Ph.D.

  • Ms. Gabriella Ali
  • Mr. Michael Beatly
  • Ms. Theresa Cea
  • Ms. Pamela Djan
  • Dr. Jeonghee Kang
  • Dr. Kevin Kolack
  • Dr. Jong Lee
  • Ms. Carmen Lorenzo
  • Ms. Shameeka Marc
  • Ms. Alejandra Martinez
  • Mr. Raymond  Morales
  • Ms. Monserratto Ruiz
  • Ms. Ana Paiva
  • Ms. Rhomesia Ramkellowan ‘10
  • Dr. Andrea Stadler
  • Dr. Matthew Stadler
  • Ms. Mamie Summers ‘05 
  • Mr. Dan Mace ‘03
  • Ms. Enid Otoo

Special Thanks To:

  • Rhomesia Ramkellowan, Event Coordinator
  • Yarim Lee
  • Oliver Beatty
  • Alumni Dept.
  • Admissions Dept.
  • Student Life