Diversity and Inclusion at St. Joseph’s University

Diversity and Inclusion at St. Joseph’s University

Donald R. Boomgaarden, President, St. Joseph's University of New YorkThere is a beautiful plea from the Book of Malachi (2:10) in which the prophet asks, “Have we not all one Father? Has not one God created us?” This statement is at the core of what we, the St. Joseph's University of New York, hold as an essential truth of our faith, and of our mission. The Sisters of St. Joseph, who founded the University over 100 years ago, have at the heart of their mission the universal values of inclusive love, reconciliation, and unity. In that same spirit, we at the University believe that we have one Creator, and that we all share a fundamental duty to love one another. This duty to love transcends race, national origin, gender, or any other ‘difference’ which might separate us.

I want to intentionally reaffirm our institution’s responsibility for fostering an atmosphere of respect, dignity, and good will among all, and within the communities we serve, and throughout the world. St. Joseph's University affirms the human dignity of every person and pledges to take all actions essential to provide a safe, welcoming environment for all students, faculty, staff and community members.  

Discussions among faculty members, staff and students that foster and build a sense of community and enhance enlightenment and inclusion are a key to our future, and essential for us to achieve our goal of providing a transformational educational experience to everyone who comes into contact with our University. I commend and fully support the St. Joseph's University community for their continued commitment and dedication to upholding the highest ideals and the core values of our University.

— Donald R. Boomgaarden, Ph.D., President of St. Joseph's University, New York

Key People

Shantey HillShantey Hill, Ph.D.

Vice President of Student Life and Campus Services, Chair for Physical Education


D'adra CrumpD'adra Crump, EMBA, MS

Executive Director of Human Resources, Title IX Coordinator,  CIC-TEP Liaison Officer