Brooklyn Office of Career Preparation and Professional Development

Brooklyn Office of Career Preparation and Professional Development

The mission of the Office of Career Preparation and Professional Development is to provide career education through programs, events and services that empower students and alumni to attain their professional goals.

Career education fosters the identification, development and articulation of career competencies that ensure a successful transition from college to career. Collaboration with faculty, staff, alumni and employers promotes opportunities for career exploration and experiential learning, which facilitates the development of lifelong career management strategies.

The Office of Career Preparation and Professional Development continues to offer its services without requiring students to come to campus. The following are services available during this time: 

  • Schedule career center appointments via email or Google Hangout: Don’t miss out on appointments. These sessions can be hosted virtually or by phone. Go to Handshake to schedule an appointment. Once you’ve selected your appointment category and type, you’ll see an option to select your appointment medium in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Learn from your peers: Read more than 100,000+ employer reviews on Handshake to learn more about what it’s like to intern or work at a specific company. Or, use Peer Messaging to chat with alumni or other students with your major, or even to conduct informational interviews online.
  • Fill out your online profile: Did you know that 80% of students who fill out location preferences, job role preferences and job type preferences receive a message from an employer? It’s a simple step, but a really effective way to start engaging with potential employers online. 
  • Follow employers you’re interested in: By following an employer, you’ll be alerted when they post an upcoming online event. 
  • Apply for jobs and internships: Upload resumes and cover letters directly in Handshake to apply to hundreds of opportunities. 
  • Interview preparation through Big Interview: To set up your Big Interview account, go to visit the Big Interview website  and click "Register" Enter your school email address, name and password, and click “Create my Account.” You will receive a confirmation email. Click "Verify" in the email and you'll be able to start using Big Interview. You can record your responses and have a counselor review them for you by sending them your personalized link to critique.
  • MySJNY Portal: Utilize all of the guides and resources available to you on the Office of Career Preparation and Professional Development portal page.

Jah-Neyce CarterJah-Neyce Carter '19 • Criminal Justice major
Interned at SLU Law School

"We heard from tons of attorneys that practice in different areas of the law — education, tax, corporate, employment — and I was able to speak to some current SLU Law students. Since I’ve gotten back (from St. Louis), every time I have a chance to talk to Ellen Burti, I thank her for forwarding me the email to apply."