Chemistry Degree

Chemistry Degree

A chemistry degree at St. Joseph's University, New York is characterized by individual mentoring and academic excellence. Our faculty understands that knowledge in the chemical sciences is created through experimentation. Our Department of Chemistry program strongly emphasizes laboratory experience and research.

Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry

Students earning their chemistry degree can choose to add a concentration in biochemistry, business or adolescence education. Students study in small classes, and work directly with faculty to gain hands-on laboratory experience. The laboratory facilities are equipped with instrumentation used in industrial and medical laboratories. Students apply their laboratory skills to original research in organic chemistry, biochemistry and physical chemistry, leading to a senior thesis and presentation.

Chemistry Degree Internships

Students working toward a Bachelor of Science in chemistry are encouraged to become involved in professional activities. They work as laboratory assistants and as instructors in outreach programs for children and youth, and participate in summer internships at research universities. They attend conferences sponsored by the New York Academy of Sciences and the American Chemical Society and present experimental work at the ACS Undergraduate Research Symposium.