The 23rd Annual High School Research Poster Session

The 23rd Annual High School Research Poster Session

Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019

This annual poster competition for high school students, sponsored jointly by the American Chemical Society and St. Joseph's University, took place Feb. 9, 2019, at our Brooklyn campus. With 67 poster presentations and 79 participants from seven area high schools attended, the quality of the research on display at the event was better than ever. Each student received a certificate. Seven students earned honorable mentions and received additional certificates. Four winners garnered additional certificates and gift cards from Amazon. 



  1. Rana Mohamed, Midwood High School
    Energy Monitoring Systems for Mobile Robotic Systems
  2. Ramzi Saber, Union City High School  
    Discovering an Exoplanet — Connecting Astrometry and Radial Velocity to Statistically and Optically Record the Movement of Planetary Objects


  1. Veeraj Shah, High Tech High School
    Determining the Optimal Fibrous Scaffold for the Formation of a Tissue-Engineered Blood Vessel with Endothelial Cells
  2. Pablo Garcia, Union City High School  
    Synthesis and Characterization of Ferrofluid Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery Purposes


  1. Ahmad Choudhry & Daniel Gaft, Midwood High School
    Syntheses and Cycloadditions of Vinylketene Iron (0) Complexes using 2,4,6-Triisopropylbenzenesulfonyl Hydrazones
  2. Leilani Garcia, Union City High School
    Exploring Alkali Promotion for CO2 Activation and Catalyst Coke Suppression

  3. Humayara Karim & Yenny Huang, Midwood High School
    Phytoremediation of Heavy Metal Contaminated Soils Using Brassica Juncea 

  4. Nathan Reder, Midwood High School
    Analysis of Writing Quality by Automated Scoring Systems to Identify Factors to Support Poor College Writers

  5. Emely Urbina, Union City High School
    Molecular Dynamics Simulation of a Urea based Organic Battery

  6. Emily Movsumova, Midwood High School
    Unknown Streptococcus Strain Specific to Killing and Inhibiting Growth of Neisseria Gonorrhoeae and Neisseria Elongata 

  7. Maryam Khan, Midwood High School 
    Defining the Mechanisms of Memory Associated Neural Ensembles in the Hippocampus 

Keynote Address

4D Nanoscale Printing”

Adam Braunschweig, Ph.D., professor with CUNY Advanced Science Research Center, Nanoscience Initiative Team

Dr. Braunschweig’s research explores the interface of organic chemistry with biology and materials science to design new molecules that will provide solutions to energy, health and environmental challenges. Supramolecular interactions, nanomaterials and molecular printing are employed to create functional molecular structures from relatively simple starting materials. Emphasis is placed on the rational design of target molecules and gain a fundamental understanding of their assembly and function.

We would like to acknowledge those who worked to make this event a success:

Chairperson: Jill K. Rehmann, Ph.D.

Event Coordinator: Tasnim Faruque

Photographer: Maria Guanga


  • Juanita Arias
  • Yolanda Lock
  • Kone Moriamou
  • Nora Plante
  • Jeonghee Kang
  • Gail Moran
  • Michael Beatty
  • Dnellio Bennett
  • Julia Fatum
  • Jillian Coughlin
  • David Gonzales
  • Nathalia Martins Santos
  • Jared Chrissley
  • Rachel Usupova
  • Kaltrina Mulosmani
  • Madison Ames
  • Roberto Fontanez
  • Jong Lee
  • Sophia Bellegarde
  • Andrew Lopez
  • Grishma Patel
  • Sally Idris
  • Melissa Stitt-Dastous
  • Valentina Vaez


  • Maria Guanga
  • Dnellio Bennett
  • Anjala Tamang
  • Valentina Velez
  • Melissa Stitt-Dastous
  • Afsana Begum

With support from:

  • Student Life