Brooklyn Security

Brooklyn Security

St. Joseph's University, New York places great emphasis on the safety and security of our students, faculty, staff and visitors. The Department of Security is here to serve and protect our campus community.

Campus Security Contacts

In an EMERGENCY — always dial 911 (OR) 9+911 on any campus phone — and always contact security afterwards.

Director of Security

Mike McGrann
[email protected]
646.996.7917 (cell)
St. Joseph's Hall, First floor

Security Desk Locations and Phone Numbers

  • McEntegart Hall library security desk: 718.940.5740
  • Lorenzo Hall security desk: 718.940.5742
  • St. Joseph's Hall security desk: 718.940.5744
  • St. Angela Hall security desk: 718.399.0664
  • Burns/Tuohy Hall security desk: 718.940.5743
  • The Hill Center security desk 718.940.5338

Always contact Security to report an incident, injury, illness, crime or dangerous situation. For more information on our Advisory Committee on Campus Security and Bias Crimes, click here.

Additional Services and Helpful Information


  • The Hill Center Garage is for student parking. Semester permits are purchased in the Office of Student Life.
  • Faculty/staff parking is in the three outdoor lots — Convent Lot, Waverly Ave. Sidewalk Lot and Lorenzo Hall lot. Parking for faculty/staff is determined by the Brooklyn Parking Committee each semester.

General Help

  • Security will escort you to your vehicle if you feel uncomfortable and are within a reasonable distance to the campus.
  • The Lost and Found is located in the Security office at St. Joseph's Hall, 256 Clinton Ave, first floor.

University ID Cards

School ID cards are provided as a Mobile ID option on your phone and is the official identification card of the University. Use of a card is governed by St. Joseph's University regulations. Cards are non-transferable and must be carried at all times while on University property. The card must be presented for access to buildings, use of the library, and must be presented to University officials and security guards upon request. Unauthorized use of a card is prohibited. If your phone with mobile ID is lost or stolen, report immediately to the Director of Security.  All University and library property tendered by a card must be surrendered upon demand. Upon separation from the University, your mobile ID will be deactivated and will no longer be accepted.