Long Island Psychology Programs

Long Island Psychology Programs

Explore human behavior. Understand the mind. Get ready.

Find your best self with the outstanding psychology programs on our Long Island campus. Learn how people think, feel and act, and get yourself ready for a successful future in a career you are passionate about.

Based on their interests, psychology students discover intriguing pathways to neuroscience, motivation, human development, forensics, family systems, social work, school psychology and many other areas.

Students enjoy the opportunity to serve in exciting and invaluable internship experiences, presenting their research findings at conferences across the country and internationally.

Get ready to pursue the job of your dreams with St. Joseph's University's Department of Psychology.

Nicole StamatiadesNicole Stamatiades ’20
Psychology Major

"The psychology department at St. Joseph’s has been very proactive in preparing me for my career goals. The events they host are invaluable sources of information, from career workshops to inviting in guest speakers and alumni to share their firsthand experiences. The professors work hard to provide information on all career opportunities in psychology and guide their students to choose the best path for them."

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The Long Island Psychology Experience

Study Abroad: Global study trips encourage a deeper understanding of cross-cultural psychology by encouraging students to immerse themselves in other cultures. Past trips include travel to Oxford, Romania and Taiwan.


Research Opportunities: Conduct research and present at conferences across the United States. Each year, our students present at our very own Student Research Symposium and national conferences in such locales as Boston, New Orleans and Philadelphia.


Expand Your Area of Study: Gain a well-rounded degree by pairing your psychology major with a minor in business, human relationsmindfulness and contemplative living, philosophy, Spanish or women’s studies.


Psychology Major
What can you do with a degree in psychology?

A degree in psychology provides a broad, liberal arts background and can lead to a variety of careers. Psychology provides an understanding of people which is a fundamental part of many professions. Psychology knowledge is useful to majors and non-majors alike. In fact, most fields encourage their students to take at least one psychology class. Employers of all types like to hire psychology students because such students have a good understanding of behaviors and motivations, are able to problem solve, conduct and complete projects, critically analyze information, and have strong computer and writing skills.

Want to work after graduation? You will be prepared.

Want to go to graduate school? You will be prepared.

Take a look at our curriculum and you will see the wide diversity of courses offered in small intimate classes, applied internships, service learning courses, travel abroad, and research experiences.

Curriculum (B.A.)

Curriculum (B.S.)


Psychology Major, Specialty Track in Industrial-Organizational Psychology
The psychology of the workplace.

Industrial-Organizational (I-O) psychology is the scientific study of the workplace. Rigor and methods of psychology are applied to issues of critical relevance to business, including talent management, coaching, assessment, selection, training, organizational development, performance and work/life balance. For more information about I-O psychology, visit the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

A total of 38 credits is required to complete the concentration in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.



Forensic Psychology Minor
Learn about the forensic system.

Augment your experience at St. Joseph’s University with psychology, sociology and criminal justice courses.



Psychology Minor
Pave the way to your career path.

The Psychology Minor provides practitioners with advanced study of current psychology trends and practices.



Mindfulness and Contemplative Studies Minor
Take your career further. 

This 18-credit minor provides students with combined knowledge and skills from the areas of psychology, religious studies, philosophy, communication studies and physical education. It is ideal for students who want to work in helping professions, such as mental health counselors, clinical social workers, pastor counseling, creative art therapists and speech pathologists.



Certificate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Develop expertise in an exciting area of psychology.

The certificate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology will allow students to develop key specialized expertise in the application of psychological concepts to workplace environments. Individuals with knowledge of Industrial-Organizational Psychology apply psychological principles to a variety of work-related areas including human resources, employee testing and selection, training and development, and policy development related to work satisfaction, productivity and health.


Certificate in Alcoholism and Addictions Counseling
Provide counseling to those affected by alcohol and drugs.

This 29-credit certificate is designed to prepare health, human services, human resources practitioners and psychology majors to provide counseling and referral services to persons affected by alcoholism, drug abuse and dependency.


Concentration in Psychology for Child Study
A boost to your already-impressive teaching résumé.

This 30-credit curriculum will prepare you for your future in teaching.


Contemporary offerings for a changing world. 

Our Long Island campus now offers its psychology majors a track industrial organization (IO). IO psychologists are interested in the interface of psychology and the workplace. Experts in this area can do a wide variety of activities including personnel selection, enhancing work productivity and satisfaction, managing mental health issues in the workplace, and human resources. IO is considered the area with greatest job growth potential; graduates with expertise in IO are in a great position.