Mindfulness and Contemplative Living Minor

Mindfulness and Contemplative Living Minor

Learn the tools to help others maximize their well-being.

Mindfulness and contemplative practices are transformative and instrumental, helping people develop the skills of calmness and concentration. By developing clarity, wisdom and compassion, these practices build positive well-being. Over a century ago, Buddhist practitioners introduced mindfulness into the field of behavioral health in the United States. Today, mindfulness and contemplative practices have become part of the American mainstream.

Scientific studies have demonstrated its usefulness in helping children and adults manage stress. We now see hospitals, schools and businesses apply mindfulness and contemplative practices in the workplace. Contemplative practices have been adapted to meet the needs of government organizations including the military and prisons.

Peter Lin, Ph.D. (Psychology), an expert in mindfulness and contemplative practices, with an international presence, and Thomas Petriano, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), expert on world religions, have developed this unique minor. The minor is a great complement to many majors, including, but not limited to, psychology, religious studies, child study, human services, criminal justice, industrial-organizational psychology and human resources.

Develop your expertise in mindfulness and contemplative studies on our Long Island campus.  

This 18-credit minor combines knowledge from the areas of psychology, religious studies, philosophy and physical education

This minor is ideal for students looking to work at positions in helping fields, such as mental health counselors, clinical social workers, pastor counseling, creative art therapists or speech pathologists.