Featured Psychology Students

Current Students

Ashley FischAshley Fisch ’20

"Through a psychology class at St. Joseph's University, I was able to be a volunteer at the Pilgrim Psychiatric Center, which was a very special opportunity. I also had the chance to intern at a supervised visitation center, and I was hired at the end of the internship. None of this would have been possible without the help of the psychology department. The professors take the time to make sure you are prepared for graduate school and have all the necessary tools to get there. They provide seminars and workshops that help students understand all of their options after St. Joe's.

Olivia PhillipsOlivia Phillips ’20

"All of the professors in the psychology department are all so helpful. In every class I have taken, they all have made sure their students understand the coursework and are more than willing to help their students if needed. I never felt that my struggles were a failure, which has allowed me to succeed. If I asked for help, I felt more than confident my professors would provide me the tools I needed."

Nicole StamatiadesNicole Stamatiades ’20

"One of the most meaningful academic experiences for me was going on the faculty-led psychology trip to Taiwan in 2017. During this month-long adventure, I was immersed in eastern psychology and philosophy. I participated in mindfulness-based practices, such as meditation, yoga and Tai Chi. This experience introduced me to my passion, which is incorporating mindfulness into psychology to help people heal and flourish."

Rachel SullivanRachel Sullivan ’20

"From hearing the stories that my sister and other St. Joseph's University alumni I’ve met told, I already knew that St. Joseph's University was a college that more than fulfilled the promises it made during Open House. For example, it is true that class sizes are small and that you are always taught by your professor, not a TA. Therefore, you do have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with professors that truly enhance your college experience, both personally and academically. Additionally, the environment of this school really appealed to me. Both students and staff are very welcoming, and it is easy to build relationships here because people are so genuinely invested in the well-being of those around them."

Gina GattiGina Gatti ’21

"As a freshman, I took a social psychology class at St. Joseph's University which was connected to a trip to Romania at the end of the semester. I did not know many people at St. Joseph's University and I was also undecided about my major, so I thought studying abroad would be the perfect opportunity to meet new people and gain a worldly perspective that would help me figure out what I wanted to study. My experience proved to do just that; I almost immediately declared myself a psychology major after the trip, and I made lifelong friends who remain such positive influences in my life."


Simran KaurSimran Kaur ’19

Earning a Master's of General Psychology at NYU

"My time at St. Joseph's University, specifically in the psychology department, most definitely prepared me for graduate school. Being in Dr. Treboux's research lab provided me with opportunities to better my skills, analyze large amounts of data, create poster presentations for conferences, and effectively communicate our findings. I continue to work with Dr. Treboux in her lab, while also working in two research labs at NYU. I am also excited that I will be presenting at two different conferences with her this year. Dr. Treboux introduced me to and initiated my interest in research, and I hope to continue working with her and her research assistants in the coming years, as this was the starting point to what I hope is a lifelong career."

Leslie GonzagaLeslie Gonzaga ’19

Earning a Master of Social Work Degree from the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College

"Each course I took at St. Joseph's University from freshman year to senior year slowly prepared me for graduate school. Now, I am in graduate school further preparing to be a clinical social worker. What I love the most about the social work profession is that it not only works to improve the lives of individuals at the micro level but also seeks to create social change and social justice for all. Social workers recognize that to solve social issues such as poverty, they must address the root causes of these issues. I continue to be inspired by what this profession has to offer and I look forward to becoming a social worker." 

Jessica CannoneJessica Cannone ’17

Earning a Doctor of Psychology Degree at Hofstra University

"The courses required to fulfill the bachelor's degree in psychology at St. Joseph's, including research methods, statistics and other challenging courses, have helped me to be successful in my current course load. There are times where I feel ahead of students in my cohort, which is due in part to the rich training and learning opportunities afforded to me. My Psy.D. program is certainly more intense, but I feel with efficient time management and constant drive — skills I learned during my time at St. Joseph's University— anything can be accomplished." 

Brian GullyBrian Gully ’17

Mental Health Case Manager for a Nonprofit • Author of "Spin"

"The amount of clinical field experience I gained during my time at St. Joseph's University had a huge impact on my ability to work in such an emotionally demanding field. Thanks to the opportunities offered by the psychology department, I was able to dive into the field with great enthusiasm. The population I work with specifically are homeless or housing insecure. I help the clients on my caseload achieve goals related to housing, addiction services, mental health symptom and psychiatric management, and employment. It is a rewarding position in which I'm able to help people who are at highly stressful stages of their life." 

Kathy AquinoKathy Aquino ’17

Senior Family Coach with EAC's Enhanced Supervised Visitation Program

"St. Joseph's University helped me by pushing me to do my best, figuring out how to manage my time, learning how to balance between my interests and my responsibilities, and finding who I truly am. From participating in several school clubs and obtaining several positions, to participating in the volunteering trips and volunteering in a research lab, I was able to apply all the experience and knowledge that I obtained to the field I am currently in now."