Long Island Security

Long Island Security

St. Joseph's University, New York places great emphasis on the safety and security of our students, faculty, staff and visitors. The Department of Security is here to serve and protect our campus community.


Remember the FOUR WAYS to contact Long Island Security 24/7:

  • Call 631.687.2424 (OR)
  • 917.209.3625 during a power outage or to text if you cannot talk (OR)
  • Press the button on any working blue light box (OR)
  • Dial the number three (3) on any campus phone. (You do NOT have to dial "9" first).

In an EMERGENCY — always dial 911 (OR) 9+911 on any campus phone — and always contact security afterwards.

Campus security regularly conducts investigations/CCTV review, patrols the campus and Outdoor Field Complex and provides continuous​ coverage of the Mt. Carmel Lot. Always contact Security to report an incident, injury, illness, crime or dangerous situation. Below is a list of other helpful services that the security team provides.

Additional Services

For all administrative questions, parking permits, tickets, busses, lost and found, etc., contact: [email protected]. If the team is unable to help you at the above numbers, please contact [email protected].

Call or email for any of the following:

Car Problems

  • Need a jump start
  • Out of gas (you pay for the gas)
  • Have a flat tire
  • Stuck in the snow

Parking, Directions and Building Access

  • Parking permits (permanent and temporary)
  • Parking summons disputes
  • Locksmith services (if you get locked out of your car)
  • Access to buildings
  • VIP parking and escorts to events
  • Lost and can't find a class, event or person

General Help

  • If you feel uncomfortable and would like an escort, we will walk you to and from any vehicle or building.
  • If you lost an item we have a Lost and Found. To aid us in finding your belongings, place your full name in your flash drives, computers and phones and on a paper in your books.

For more information on our Advisory Committee on Campus Security and Bias Crimes, click here.

University ID Cards

School ID cards are provided as a Mobile ID option on your phone and is the official identification card of the University. Use of a card is governed by St. Joseph's University regulations. Cards are non-transferable and must be carried at all times while on University property. The card must be presented for access to buildings, use of the library, and must be presented to University officials and security guards upon request. Unauthorized use of a card is prohibited. If your phone with mobile ID is lost or stolen, report immediately to the Director of Security.  All University and library property tendered by a card must be surrendered upon demand. Upon separation from the University, your mobile ID will be deactivated and will no longer be accepted.