Long Island Industrial-Organizational Psychology Track

Long Island Industrial-Organizational Psychology Track

Examine workplace human behavior. Explore what keeps offices efficient. Get ready.

Psychology majors with a specialty track in industrial-organizational (IO) psychology study people in workplace settings. Students learn about such matters as how to increase efficiency, reduce bias in decision-making and design career development opportunities.

Under the instruction of St. Joseph’s University’s expert faculty, students prepare for a successful career by developing unique skills that focus on human behavior in the workplace. Students study such important topics as how to hire the right people, how to effectively train staff, how to help support employees in their career, and how to carry out fair and ethical performance evaluations.

Experts in IO psychology play key roles in personnel selection, strategic human resource decisions, enhancing employee productivity, and job satisfaction, in addition to creating rewards and recognition practices that support employees and organizations.

Get ready to make a difference in the workplace — and in the world — with a degree in IO psychology from St. Joseph's University.

Kayla CestareKayla Cestare ’20
Psychology Major with a Specialty Track in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

"As an IO psychology student at St. Joseph’s University, I have been provided with many great resources and incredible experiences. In addition to the diverse selection of courses offered each semester, the program has also given me countless opportunities for learning outside of the classroom. My professors were always supportive of my goals, and they gave me the tools that I needed to obtain an internship in my field of study."

The Long Island IO Psychology Track Experience

Study with Expert Faculty: Our students work closely with our faculty in small classes, routinely collaborating on original research projects that they present at regional and national psychological conferences.


Prepare for What’s to Come: Understanding the pulse of the future, St. Joseph's University is the only institution on Long Island to offer an undergraduate program in industrial-organizational psychology.


Career Opportunities: Prepare to work in corporate settings for such prestigious companies as Google, Facebook, Target and Citigroup; hospitals, such as NYU Langone; local and federal government offices; the armed forces; and in transportation for such entities as the Long Island Rail Road, MetroNorth and JetBlue.