The Five Pillars — Spiritual Depth

The Five Pillars — Spiritual Depth

Central to what it means to be human is awe in the face of the mysterious.

St. Joseph's University is dedicated to providing an environment where values such as wonder, empathy, humility and gratitude are prized and allowed to flourish within the community. As part of the core curriculum, students are invited to explore the meaning of life and embrace their own spirituality through courses in not just religious studies, but in English, philosophy and history, as well.

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Cristian MurphyCristian Murphy ’14

Cristian, director of Campus Ministry at our Long Island campus, spoke on the importance of spiritual values.

"St. Joseph’s University’s core value of spirituality means a lot to me and the Office of Campus Ministry. One of my main goals here, as St. Joseph’s University campus minister, is to help our students develop a spiritual journey that can lead them to true joy throughout their lives."