The Five Pillars of St. Joseph’s University, New York

The Five Pillars of St. Joseph’s University, New York

Our students are immersed in the five pillars of St. Joseph's University: integrity, intellectual rigor, spiritual depth, social responsibility and service.

Instilling these values prepares our students for success in their chosen professions and to make positive and transformative impacts on their local and global communities.

St. Joseph’s students regularly demonstrate integrity and moral strength on campus — in the classroom and by participating in one of the University’s many clubs, organizations or sports. 

They value intellectual rigor by dedicating their focus to subjects they are passionate about. There is an evident value of spiritual depth, as students develop a better understanding about themselves and their peers. And the values of social responsibility and service are routinely exemplified through our students' participation in food drives, service trips and fundraisers for those in need throughout the year.

Founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph's in 1916, St. Joseph's University develops well-rounded individuals who graduate ready to make the world a better place, while living our mission: Esse non videri — "To be, not to seem."

Living Our Mission

Learn about the five pillars of St. Joseph's University

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Our motto Esse non videri - "To be, not to seem." captures the University's commitment to encourage a life lived with authenticity. Click here to learn more.

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Intellectual Rigor

St. Joseph's promotes curiosity about the world, a commitment to truth and a growing desire to deepen one's understanding of ideas. Click here to learn more.

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Social Responsibility

We instill in our students a desire to engage as citizens and act for the greater good. Click here to learn more.

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Spiritual Depth

Central to what it means to be human is awe in the face of the mysterious. Click here to learn more.

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Our students are eager to respond to the needs of the larger world. Click here to learn more.