The Five Pillars — Service

The Five Pillars — Service

Our students are eager to respond to the needs of communities near and far.

At the very heart of the mission of St. Joseph's University is the desire to help others, giving back wherever and whenever possible. Getting involved with local, national and global community service through volunteer projects provides students with rewarding opportunities to help others and be transformed by that experience. 

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Thomas PetrianoThomas Petriano, Ph.D.

Dr. Petriano, a professor and chair of the religious studies department at St. Joseph’s, spoke on the meaning of service.

"Whether it be holding the door for someone following behind you, or building a house in Nicaragua, service is woven into the DNA of St. Joseph's University. Since the founding of the University, the Sisters of St. Joseph have provided the example and inspiration for a life of service to others without distinction, which is central to who we are and whom we wish our students to become."