Brooklyn Graduate Management Studies Experience

Join the Graduate Management Studies (GMS) program at St. Joseph's University, New York and get a competitive edge in the business world. Our diverse range of master’s degree programs will fine-tune your managerial skills and bolster your confidence to lead an impactful business career, while our diverse selection of advanced certificates will give you an extra boost to help you excel in your career. 

What Our Students Say

Jesse Correale ’22
M.B.A. in Health Care Management 

"The GMS program helped me gain confidence in my career path. I feel like I can take the skills and abilities used in the graduate program and directly put them to use in my everyday life."

Forming Important Connections

Students in our GMS program look up to their professors, who use their business expertise to give real-world examples in class, facilitating deep learning. And the educating doesn’t stop at the end of class; our dedicated faculty members quickly become mentors to students, guiding and supporting them through rigorous internships, job searches and beyond.

In addition to learning and growing from their professors, students also benefit from gaining an entire network of business professionals through their classmates. 

Shaneka Ross ’22
M.B.A. in Health Care Management

"St. Joseph's University's graduate program continues to support my professional growth, cross-department collaborations, and networking skills. These are pertinent qualities that support successful project implementations and achieve performance targets for improving quality care outcomes."

Becoming Business Professionals

Each course in our program plays a special role in molding students into well-rounded business professionals. Students especially appreciate the SMACs used in class, which give new insights into the best ways to address company issues and implement practical solutions. By graduation, students develop comfort in many essential business skills, including problem solving, planning, communicating through writing, critical thinking and researching.

Through the program, students work on projects in which they apply what they learn in their classes to real-life work situations. These projects have led to promotions, new jobs and new experiences for St. Joseph’s graduates. Students in the GMS program also have the chance to present their research findings at conferences, as well as have essays they write for class get published in prestigious journals. 

Esther Moses ’22
M.B.A. in Accounting 

"The graduate program facilitated, and continues to provide me, with a competitive advantage at work. I have been able to implement and utilize many of the hard and soft skills acquired while in the graduate program, improving my efficiency and productivity."

Ready to Succeed

Immerse yourself in the exciting field of business. Be an emotionally intelligent leader. Get ready with a Graduate Management Studies degree at St. Joseph's University’s Brooklyn Campus. 

Mery Lezama ’23
M.B.A. with Concentrations in Marketing and Human Resources Management 

"The managerial abilities I developed in the program helped me realize my potential capabilities as an entrepreneur and investor. The staff at St. Joseph's University, and Dr. [Sharon] Didier, helped me break free from my fears of failure or not being enough."

What's the Best Part of the GMS Program According to our Students?

Getting Promoted: Many students reap the benefits of career growth and promotions soon after enrolling in our master’s programs.

Becoming a Strong Manager: You’ll get well-versed in the program’s 20 managerial abilities, which transform students into high-level thinkers, prepared to effectively collaborate among departments to improve a company’s operational efficiency.

Flexible Scheduling: Advance your career and study at a time that’s convenient for you. Our GMS program offers classes in the evenings, on weekends, and online.