Brooklyn Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Brooklyn Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Advance your career. Master your leadership skills. Get ready.

Students who complete our graduate business program enter the workforce with polished managerial abilities, improved emotional intelligence and the kind of business expertise sought by the industry’s top employers.

Our graduate business program helps students understand how people behave in the workforce, communicate effectively, and lead a team to reach its highest potential. Graduate Management Studies students learn every aspect of business from professors who are leading professionals in accounting, health care management, human resources management, organizational management, administration and many other fields. 

Strengthen your management skills, receive instruction from professors who are experts in your field, and lead a successful career — all with a degree from our graduate business program.

John P. RoccoJohn P. Rocco ’05 ’12
Organizational Management, with a certificate in Human Resources Leadership; M.B.A.

John is the vice president of operations and accreditation and safety officer for an independent community hospital.

"The M.B.A. program at St. Joseph’s University was, and continues to be, extremely instrumental in my career advancement. In the first course of the graduate program, I developed a managerial abilities plan. I benefited from this the most and I refer to it to this day. The combination of this plan and the additional requirements have resulted in my personal and professional growth and development, which includes the skills necessary to operate effectively as an executive."

The Brooklyn Masters of Business Administration Experience

Experiential Learning Opportunities: Each student will write a research paper on their individual discipline, giving them hands-on insight in their field of choice. 


Extensive Career Options: Prepare for a career as a marketing manager, consultant, investment fund manager, or a chief executive officer, among other coveted positions.


Get Ahead, Fast: The GRE exam is not required for entry into the M.B.A. program and our dual degree programs can be completed within five years — including all prerequisites.  

Graduate Management Studies

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