Brooklyn MBA in Marketing

Brooklyn MBA in Marketing


Unleash your creativity. Become an effective leader. Get ready.

Prepare for the digital marketing landscape with our MBA in Marketing. Our 36-credit program provides students from all disciplines with the opportunity to use marketing analytics to develop strategic decisions in diverse teams. Students will also apply marketing tools to business scenarios and use both qualitative and quantitative data to assess the external and internal marketing environment. Social media platforms will be assessed and their utility will be analyzed in the digital marketing environment. 

At our Brooklyn campus, students have the additional benefit of developing 20 managerial abilities that are critical to being an effective marketing manager. All of the training is embedded in emotional intelligence, whereby students recognize the important role that soft skills provide in creating attractive advertising campaigns to capture the consumer. 

Our MBA in Marketing students will delve into such areas of marketing as consumer insights, e-commerce and data analysis, all of which will provide an opportunity to pick from an array of concentrations, such as digital marketing, logistics and marketing data analytics. Data driven decision making will identify actionable motivations behind the wants and needs of customers that can be used to expand features, develop new products and create consumer benefits. Begin getting ready for your future as a leader and increase your earning potential with an MBA in Marketing from our Brooklyn campus.

Sharon DidierSharon Didier, Ph.D.
Director, Graduate Management Studies

"The connectedness of today’s digital economy makes a graduate Marketing degree critical to leaders who need to understand the parameters of effective management strategy. Addressing the needs of the consumer is central to being successful in today’s economy. This graduate degree will provide students with the opportunity to use marketing analytics to enhance the function of management and to develop data loops to adapt to the changing needs of the market. The classes in the marketing concentration were crafted to address the important role that social platforms play in an increasing open marketing climate. Students will embrace the important tools that will make them better equipped to manage products and services globally. The benefits of this knowledge are enormous."

The Brooklyn MBA in Marketing Experience

In the Field: Our program prepares you for marketing director and chief marketing officer positions in small businesses, as well as with leading, multinational corporations.

Earning Potential: Marketing managers earned a median annual salary of $141,490 in 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Career Snapshot: Our program will help you better manage creative teams, recognize the important role that data plays in sales and marketing strategies, develop consumer mapping strategies, manage consumer insights and social platforms, and recognize the structures needed to revitalize e-commerce.


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