Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my visit cost?

All visits to the Office of Counseling and Wellness are covered in your tuition so there is no additional charge.

Why should I have health insurance?

When serious injury or illness requires attention by a medical provider or hospital, the expenses can create a financial burden that no student should have to worry about. The student accident plan is NOT a comprehensive insurance and will not cover daily care, illness, hospitalizations or prescriptions. If you do not have health insurance or have an out-of-state HMO or PPO, please go to the Health Insurance page.

Do I need to make an appointment to see the nurse?

We do recommend contacting the Office of Counseling and Wellness to learn the nurse’s availability and to schedule an appointment at 718.940.5853. You may also contact the nurse directly at 718.940.5805. Walk-ins are welcome at Tuohy Hall, Room 215.

What information may be sent home concerning my health services visit?

Your privacy and confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us. For that reason we do not mail any information to students. To get copies of any of your health records you have to present your student ID and complete an Authorization to Release Information form.

When do I have to complete my immunization forms and can I register and attend classes before I submit my immunizations?

St. Joseph's University strongly encourages all students to comply with immunization requirements prior to registration in order to prevent disruption of classes.

How do I obtain a copy of my immunization records?

Students with no records of past immunizations are advised to:
1. Check with your high school for immunization records
2. Check with your doctors past and present
3. Check with schools or colleges you have attended
4. Check immunization records from the Armed Forces, Health Department, etc.

Please review this form to learn how you can locate your immunization.

I’m transferring to another school, how do I get a copy of my immunizations?

Please refer to Immunization Records page to learn how to obtain a copy of your immunization record. You will need to complete an Authorization to Release Information form.