Medical Leave of Absence

The Office of Counseling and Wellness is responsible for facilitating medical leaves of absence at the Brooklyn campus. If a student becomes ill — either mentally or physically — or is injured in some way, they should contact our Center to discuss the possibility of taking a medical leave of absence.

What is a medical leave of absence?

A medical leave of absence is granted to students who become ill — either physically or mentally — or injured during the course of a semester. The student is given two semesters to recover from his/her illness or injury without having to re-enroll at St. Joseph's University. 

What information do I need to provide?

In order to be considered for a medical leave of absence, the student must provide current and detailed medical documentation that supports the student’s request for a medical leave of absence. This documentation must be on a physician’s official letterhead or on a prescription pad. 

How do I take a medical leave?

If a student wishes to apply for a medical leave of absence, they must contact:

Shantey Hill-Hanna, MS, ATC 
Vice President for Student Life and Campus Services 
[email protected]

Please note, medical documentation must be provided at this time.  

What happens with my classes if I take a medical leave?

Once all the forms have been filled out, and the medical documentation is approved, a student’s classes will reflect a WD (withdrawal) for each of their classes for the semester. This will NOT affect a student’s GPA. 

What is my financial liability if I take a medical leave?

A medical leave does not mean that the student’s financial liability is eliminated. There are many variables that come into play when a student takes a medical leave. It is imperative that the student contacts the Bursar’s Office and the Financial Aid Office to discuss his/her individual financial implications.