Accessibility Services

It is the mission of Student Accessibility Services, in conjunction with the Academic Center and faculty, to provide equal access to all of St. Joseph's University, New York's programs and services in order to create a supportive campus environment.

Our guiding philosophy is a student-centered approach that focuses on maximizing student strengths to ensure that each student realizes their full potential. Through our support services, students can achieve personal, academic and vocational goals. St. Joseph's University is committed to serving and empowering our students in becoming their own best advocates.

The goal of Student Accessibility Services with regard to students with disabilities is to equalize educational opportunities by supporting educational development and ensuring appropriate accommodations are provided. The main objectives are:

  1. Ensure students with disabilities equal access to all programs and services at St. Joseph's University
  2. Record appropriate accommodations based on documented disabilities
  3. Encourage independence by teaching students  self-advocacy skills
  4. Assist students with transferring skills learned in the classroom to settings outside of the classroom
  5. Serve as a liaison and resource for the faculty and staff to facilitate awareness and appreciation for students with disabilities.


222 Clinton Avenue
McEntegart Hall, Room 300A
Brooklyn, NY 11205