Brooklyn Undergraduate Research

Brooklyn Undergraduate Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research seeks to get you actively involved in the research process.

Although methods of inquiry differ, research is a core aspect of every academic discipline. To that end, we offer numerous opportunities for the interested undergraduate. This website provides information about research support grants, our annual research symposium and opportunities to work with faculty and/or attend academic conferences.

Annual SJNY Student Research Symposium

The SJNY Student Research Symposium is a college-wide event that allows undergraduate students from any discipline to celebrate their research with the entire SJNY community through poster presentations, short paper presentations, 10-minute talks, or even an art exhibition. The SJNY Stdent Research Symposium gives undergraduates an opportunity to hone their communication skills by providing students with a supportive environment of peers and mentors, giving them a low-stakes chance to practice talking about their research. The SJNY  Student Research Symposium is usually held in the evening of the last day of the spring semester.

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Undergraduate Research Support Grants 

The Brooklyn Undergraduate Research Program will award several undergraduate research grants each academic year.

The intent of these grants is twofold: (1) to encourage high-caliber undergraduate research that has the potential to be published in academic journals and/or be presented at external academic conferences, by enabling undergraduate students to complete original work in their disciplines that they would otherwise not be able to complete without financial support for necessary research materials; and (2) to encourage exceptional students to submit original scholarly work to academic conferences by off-setting costs that may prohibit attendance. These grants also serve to advertise and promote the high-impact practice of undergraduate research at St. Joseph's University. 

See the link below for more details and application requirements.

Research Support Grants

Research with Human Participants

Any researcher who wishes to use human participants in their research must have IRB approval before beginning data collection. If you have any questions about this process, please contact Dr. Michael Magee ([email protected]).

More Information

Please feel free to contact Michael W. Magee, Ph.D., Director of Undergraduate Research — Brooklyn campus, at [email protected].