Student Leadership Experience

The Student Leadership Experience program is a self-guided program that encourages the development of leadership skills through attendance at interactive workshops, with opportunity for application of skills learned at program completion.

There are five components which must be satisfied to complete the Student Leadership Experience program. Each spring semester, students are permitted to fulfill as many of the components as their schedule allows. It is recommended however, that candidates strongly consider time management when choosing workshops. The program is designed to afford students sufficient time (2 to 3 years) to fully benefit from the tools and resources available and fulfill all program requirements.

Each workshop is assigned to one (or more) of the following five components:

Leading Through Service (Service): Students will focus upon the importance of helping others and giving back to the community, while learning how to effectively lead service initiatives at St. Joseph's and beyond. (Service pin)

Leading in a Diverse World (Real World): Students will enhance their understanding of the real world through exploration of topics such as diversity and social justice. (Real World pin)

Leading Others (Communication): Students are introduced to practical strategies for leading effectively in groups, in the workplace and beyond, with focus upon the development of interpersonal relationships. (Communication pin)

Creative Leadership (Creativity): Students will engage in interactive, creative programming which supports their growth as leaders and as individuals. (Creativity pin)

Leading Self (Self-Awareness): This component provides students with fundamental skills and inspiration essential to leadership development through information and exercises focused upon self-awareness. (Self-Awareness pin)

To complete an area of concentration, each member must:

  • Choose a component and attend three applicable workshops or events.
  • Complete a written assessment of each workshop attended (reflection card).

Program Information:

  • A student will have the opportunity to complete one or more components each spring semester. For each area completed, an achievement pin will be awarded. Pins may be added to graduation gowns and are an approved accessory at the St. Joseph's University graduation ceremony.  The Student Leadership Experience program is designed to encourage candidates to complete all five components and thus, earn “the whole pie,” (five pins).
    Upon completion of all components, students will be required to meet with a Student Leadership Experience. team member to explore opportunities for application of skills learned. With support from their Student Leadership Experience team member, each student will choose a leadership experience in which to engage, and about which they must provide a written reflection. Upon receipt and review of this reflection, each student completing the process will be recognized and awarded a certificate of achievement.
  • Students who complete the Student Leadership Experience program may satisfy the "Service and Experiential Learning" component of the Core Curriculum. To receive credit for Experiential Learning, students must meet requirements as outlined in Core Curriculum, and may request an evaluation by emailing [email protected].