Intercultural Engagement

Intercultural Engagement

The Office of Student Involvement, Leadership and Intercultural Engagement is committed to fostering an inclusive environment that educates and empowers students of all ethnicities and diverse backgrounds through a variety of programs, interactive workshops and events.

  • Sponsors various educational, cultural and social programs that celebrate diversity and promote inclusion 
  • Works closely with and supports student clubs and organizations
  • Facilitates student leadership programs 
  • Supports students in their college, personal and professional growth 
  • Creates opportunities for dialogue related to diversity and inclusion topics that allow students to express, question, learn and transform

Highlighted Events

  • Latin Fiesta
  • Cultural Creations Day
  • Nicaragua Presentation
  • Taste of the World
  • Strange Like Me with the Metamorphosis Performing Company
  • Indonesian Shadow Puppets
  • Salsa Workshop
  • Native American Speaker Janine Tinsley-Roe
  • Noche de Baile
  • Larry Yazzi and Troupe
  • Make Your Own Arrowhead Necklace
  • Festa Italiana
  • Chinese New Year Celebration
  • Words of the Wise: A Tribute to African-American History
  • Sarakasi African Acrobats
  • Celebrating the Legacy of Black History
  • HerStory Musical Performance
  • Women's Appreciation Event
  • Project Brainwash: Why Reality TV is Bad for Women (…and Men, People of Color, The Economy, Love, Sex and Sheer Common Sense!) with Jennifer L. Pozner
  • Jim Hawkins Irish Story and Song
  • Celebrating Vegan/Vegetarianism
  • Chinese Calligraphy
  • Chinese Tea Ceremony
  • Immigrant Solidarity Day
  • West Indian Day Celebration
  • Feast of San Gennaro


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Student Center, Student Life Suite, Room 208

Simmi Malhotra

Simmi Malhotra, '19 • Psychology Major and Chemistry Minor

I am Indian
I am a proud daughter of immigrants
I am passionate about Medicine
I love to travel to different countries
I came to St. Joseph's University because of a wonderful scholarship I was given, which allowed to me obtain a high quality education. The University has numerous opportunities to get involved on campus, including clubs, work study, student organizations, and internships. The students at St. Joseph's University are very accepting and open-minded to any differences.