Peer Health Education

Peer Health Education

The Peer Health Education Program is a University work-study program that focuses on delivering up-to-date relevant information to our students from our students. The peer health educators are made up of a diverse group of students who are educated in an area of interest, including alcohol and drug abuse, smoking cessation, body image, nutrition, fitness, disease prevention and high risk behaviors. We sponsor and participate in health awareness campaigns and events for students in all areas of the health spectrum while having fun.

What We Do
We are leaders and are responsible for running well-planned, interactive and fun events for the St. Joseph’s student body. We also offer workshops upon request. 

Our Mission
The mission of the program is to deliver holistic health promotion programs and support to St. Joseph's University, New York students through peer educators. We strive to create a higher education environment that is supportive and encourages positive health promotion.

The peer education program offers opportunities for the individual student and collective student body to grow through a variety of diverse experiences that are challenging, rewarding and meaningful. Through educational workshops and programs, supervised by student health services, the program complements and supports promoting student learning and critical thinking. The program is supported through a collaborative effort from on and off-campus members of the community interested in offering help, information and support to St. Joseph's University students.

If you are interested in becoming a peer health educator, stop by the Center for Wellness and ask for an application, or download and fill out the attached application and drop it off at Center for Wellness office.

For additional information, please contact:                           

Peer Health Educator Program
Kerry Smith Vall, College Nurse
Student Health Services
Long Island Campus 631.687.1259​