Long Island Department of Communication Studies

Long Island Department of Communication Studies

Follow your passion. Expand your interests. Get ready.

Open the door to diverse career paths with our Long Island’s Department of Communication Studies. Students can choose between three dynamic specialization areas of study — speech-language pathology/audiology, theatre and communication arts — or blend the three together, all of which lead to a B.A. in Speech.

Our speech students work closely with faculty who are active practitioners in the field, and then apply the skills to real-life experience through internships.  

Graduate with the personal, academic and professional skills necessary to succeed in the field of communication.

Get ready to make a difference in the field of communication.

Michael GiannettoMichael Giannetto ’19
B.A. in Speech Communication

"This program far exceeded my expectations. The professors come from various areas of speech-language pathology (SLP), including hospitals, schools, private practice and research, which definitely helped me gain perspective on the varied types of work that an SLP does. The content of the program has a heavy focus on preparation for graduate school, as well as the career as a whole. Furthermore, the faculty are all brilliant and approachable, consistently staying after class to ensure comprehension of content was attained by any student willing to put in the work. I feel completely prepared for graduate school and know that my time spent at St. Joseph’s University will forever be an important part of making me into the best SLP I can be."

The Long Island Communication Studies Experience

Pair it with a Minor: Looking to expand your area of study? A speech major pairs well with such minors as psychology, business administration, marketing, biology, sociology, English and political science.


Research and Internship Opportunities: Conduct research and present at conferences across the country. Engage in meaningful internship opportunities across Long Island.


Extensive Career Options: Prepare for a career in speech language pathology or audiology; in the performing or creative arts; or in professional settings, including Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit agencies, athletics, health or government agencies, or sales.


Speech Communication Major
Prepare for your future.

A B.A. in Speech leads to a diverse collection of careers: counselors, public relations specialists and speech language pathologists are just a few examples. The most popular path students choose is to attend graduate school in speech and language pathology.



Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Major
Help others communicate.

A B.A. in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology from St. Joseph’s University prepares students first for a top graduate program, then for one of two distinct careers paths: Diagnosing and treating individuals with hearing loss and hearing-related disorders as an audiologist, or evaluating and providing therapy to people with a wide range of communication disorders as a speech-language pathologist.


Speech Minor
Broaden your academic experience.

Students who minor in speech communication prepare for a variety of employment opportunities in business, government, criminal justice, education and other job areas where oral communication plays an integral role in career success.



Speech Communication Concentration for Child Study
Boost your already-impressive teaching résumé.

Enhance your child study major and prepare to work with children struggling with speech communication.