Featured Communications Studies Students

Ashleigh Marcus ’23
Speech Major with a Minor in Spanish

"The speech program at St. Joseph’s University has been very beneficial and transformative for me. Attending St. Joseph's with the goal of becoming a speech-language pathologist has been the best decision I have made. The professors all really care for, and want the best for, each student. Thanks to this program, I also feel very ready and prepared for graduate school. I will be taking all of the knowledge I have learned here at St. Joseph’s to graduate school with me, and one day to my career."

Melanie Spitz ’22
B.A. in Speech with a Minor in Psychology

"My time in the speech program at St. Joseph’s University was nothing but fulfilling and rewarding. The varying classes provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the speech pathology field, which includes working with all different populations in medical- or school-based settings. The program is designed with the necessary coursework and content so that I am able to effectively continue my studies in grad school. The most notable part of my time in the speech program was the interactions and relationships I had formed with my professors. Not only was each of my professors extremely knowledgeable about their area of study, but they were also immensely helpful and supportive in and outside of the classroom. This program has given me the perfect foundation as I continue into my future career as a speech-language pathologist!"

Savannah Blinn ’22
B.A. in Speech

"During my time at St. Joseph’s University, the speech program was the most organized, communicative and friendly program I have ever been a part of. I feel as though I received the highest and most professional education for my future, from the most reputable and knowledgeable staff. The professors were more of mentors and confidants, as opposed to just a source of education, which made coming into class feel more like home rather than school."