Long Island Sociology Major

Long Island Sociology Major

Explore our complex world. Understand social change. Get ready.

If you’re driven by a desire to understand the social world, St. Joseph's University’s Department of Social Sciences has the right program for you. Earning a bachelor’s degree in sociology will help you develop answers to complex social questions and create solutions to challenging problems.

Sociologists study the powerful forces that shape — and are shaped by — our social world. These forces, which occur on local, national and global scales, include social class, globalization, popular culture, gender issues, race, religion and the environment. The program’s wide range of courses reflect the diverse interests of our faculty and allows students to chart their own course of study.  

Sociology majors at St. Joseph's University develop such valuable skills as independent, creative and critical thinking; data analysis; and strong oral and written communication. They graduate prepared for a lifetime of success in an increasingly global world.

Brittany CorreiaBrittany Correia ’16
Sociology Major • Graduated from London School of Economics in 2017 with her master’s degree 

"I have never met a more ambitious and helpful group of faculty than the professors at St. Joseph’s. I would not have been able to have the opportunities available to me today if not for St. Joseph's University."

The Long Island Sociology Experience

Career Opportunities: A degree in Sociology prepares you for careers in such fields as occupational therapy, library science, social work, law, journalism and teaching.


Internship Experience: Our students serve internships at local facilities, including Pax Christi Hospitality Center, Child Protective Services and Sunshine Prevention Center.


Minors that Matter: Not sure you want to commit to a major in Sociology? A minor in Sociology goes well with many majors, including psychology, political science, journalism and new media studies, and criminal justice.