Long Island Speech Communication Major

Long Island Speech Communication Major

Get ready for a successful future with a degree in speech from St. Joseph's University, New York.

Our B.A. in Speech Communication offers three dynamic areas of study: speech-language pathology/audiology, theatre and communication arts. In each area, students take on specialized courses that help prepare them for successful careers.

Students in our speech-language pathology/audiology area focus on clinical approaches to communication disorders, preparing for graduate studies and eventual ASHA and New York state certification as speech-language pathologists or audiologists. In our theatre area, students get ready for a multitude of possibilities, including graduate study, careers in the performing arts or entering into such creative professions as writing, advertising and teaching. 

Hone abilities in leadership, verbal and nonverbal communication, problem-solving, and group dynamics with the communication arts area. Graduates often work in fields that range from training and development to nonprofit agencies, health services, athletics, sales and government.

Sel BaskurtSel Baskurt ’10
B.A. in Speech Communication

"I chose the speech communication program because I originally wanted to have a career in marketing and I thought it might be more interesting than a business program. As I went through the program, I realized the skills I was practicing in my classes had a broader use than business and public speaking. After graduating, I ended up in a career in law enforcement with the Suffolk County Police Department, and I can say there isn’t a day that goes by that I haven’t used what I learned in the speech communication program at St. Joseph's University."

The Long Island Speech Major Experience

Pair it with a Minor: Our speech communication major pairs well with such minors as business administration, English, marketing, political science, psychology and sociology.


Find Research and Internship Opportunities: Conduct research and present at conferences across the country. Engage in meaningful internship opportunities throughout the New York metropolitan area.


Extensive Career Options: Prepare for a career in speech-language pathology or audiology; in the performing or creative arts; or in a professional setting, including Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit agencies, athletics, health and government agencies, or sales. 

Speech Major Specialization Areas

Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology
Learn what your future holds.

Speech-language pathologists evaluate and provide therapy for individuals with a wide range of communication disorders; while audiologists diagnosis and treat individuals with hearing loss and hearing related disorders. Both professions work with a wide range of ages and provide services in a variety of settings, including schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and private practice.

St. Joseph's University students interested in a fulfilling Speech-Language Pathology and/or Audiology career are offered all of the prerequisite academic coursework, clinical experiences and internship opportunities required for acceptance into top graduate programs. Students in our Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology programs are provided a solid academic background and field opportunities to develop strong clinical thinking and leadership skills.

Our recent graduates have been accepted into such prestigious graduate programs as Loyola University, New York University, Teachers College Columbia University, Adelphi University and Brooklyn College.

Communication Arts
Further your career.

Research demonstrates the knowledge and skills reinforced through communication arts are those most connected with success in both large corporations and small organizations.

Graduates enter such career fields as project management, public relations/affairs, corporate communication, sales and publishing. Those skilled and credentialed in communication studies are also top candidates for leadership/management trainee programs with top local and global companies.

Explore your passion.

Delve into the art of acting, directing and production design while studying history, criticism and dramatic literature. Students within the theatre track have the opportunity to gain professional experience through our dynamic internship program.