Long Island Child Study Department

St. Joseph's University, New York is the teacher’s college of Long Island.

Study with the Child Study Department and pursue your dream of being an influential teacher.

Our cutting-edge curriculum — consistently ranked among the best teaching programs in the New York metropolitan area— molds students into dedicated teachers who lead their classrooms with confidence. Join us and take advantage of a diverse selection of programs that includes the child study major, concentration and bilingual certificate extension for undergraduates, six master’s degree tracks, and more than 15 teaching concentrations. 

When you graduate, you will have student teaching experience, working with first to sixth graders in a variety of settings, such as private, parochial and public schools, as well as in general education and special education classrooms. 

As part of the Child Study Department on our Long Island campus, you will benefit from small class sizes and be welcomed by a supportive community, ready to collaborate and share ideas. Faculty will personally know you and offer guidance and support. By the end of your studies, you’ll be prepared to master all of your teaching certifications and confidently step right up to the front of a classroom.

Lou LiberatoreLou Liberatore ’15
Child Study Major with a Minor in Business Administration and a Concentration in History

Mr. Liberatore is a 5th Grade Special Education Teacher in the Bridgehampton Union Free School District.

"The child study department at St. Joseph's University has a special staff of professionals who go out of their way to meet the needs of all students in the program. The impact each and every professor in the child study program had on me helped shape the educator I am today. Their guidance and support provided me with the tools needed to promote a culture of learning in my classroom and make a difference in the lives of young learners"

The Long Island Child Study Experience

Be in Demand: St. Joseph's child study graduates are in constant demand in Long Island schools and beyond the region as teachers, school administrators, principals and superintendents.


Hands-on Experience: The classes on our Long Island campus will prepare you for student teaching, where you lead classes with the guidance of an experienced teacher.


Reach Your Goals: By graduation, you will have the qualifications for initial certification in New York state.

Child Study Programs


Child Study Major
The first step toward a rewarding career in teaching.

The B.A. in Child Study is a hallmark program of St. Joseph’s University, providing an outstanding education that is consistently ranked among the best teaching programs in the New York Metropolitan area. The teacher education program is registered and fully accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC).



Child Study Concentrations
More than 15 teaching concentrations in your area of interest.


Special Education with an annotation in Severe and Multiple Disabilities M.A.
Take your career to the next level.

Throughout the program, you will sharpen your classroom management skills, learn the best ways to make a positive impact on your future students, and become eligible for certifications in Childhood Students with Disabilities and Secondary Generalist for Students with Disabilities. Content specialist extensions are available in Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Physics, Social Studies and Spanish. Graduates of the part-time, 36-credit program are eligible for the Annotation in Severe and Multiple Disabilities (Pre-K through 12, all grades).


Educational Leadership with Critical Consciousness M.A.
Make a difference in your school community.

Students in our educational leadership program have the drive to create positive change in their school communities. Our education department’s dedicated faculty impart tools you’ll use to mold your school district into a place that’s filled with diversity, acceptance and respect.



Infant/Toddler Early Childhood Special Education M.A.
Develop expertise in the education field.

The program instructs graduates how to lead a special education classroom with an extra dose of understanding and sensitivity. Learn to help students develop their way of thinking, while preparing for the challenges you may face during a career in early intervention and special education.



Literacy and Cognition M.A. All Grades
Take your career to the next level. 

Our innovative programming will teach you new and thoughtful ways to provide effective literacy instruction to the diverse population of children in schools across Long Island and the nation. The expert faculty in our 36-credit program prepare students for the variety of challenges they will encounter in their careers.



Literacy and Cognition M.A./Special Education M.A.
Pave your way to a fulfilling career path.

This 48-credit program will provide you with innovative ways to teach literacy while navigating Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) to teach to the needs of each student in your class. By graduation, you will have the tools to teach reading in your special education classroom with confidence.


Mathematics Education M.A.
Make your mark with a mathematics education.

Get ready for faculty to give you the tools necessary to improve student motivation, teach problem-solving skills, and inspire students to take interest in STEM fields. Take advantage of our flexible scheduling, with opportunities to teach during the day and attend class in the evening.

This concentration is only an option for math concentrates.



Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) M.A.
Get a competitive edge.

Prepare to understand the foundations of English as an additional language and demonstrate literacy and language teaching techniques. Our program will develop your skills and methods in teaching core subject areas in the students’ native language and in English, while guiding students toward understanding the roles of linguistics and grammar in second-language learning.



Bilingual Certificate Extension
Enhance your teaching career with a second language.

Pre/in-service teachers who have or are seeking basic certifications in Early Childhood or Secondary Special Education credentialing (Grades K-12) would benefit from our certificate extension program. It is available at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The courses offered are appropriate for teachers who are literate and proficient in English and another language. The program offers special education majors opportunities to develop and explore: (a) cultural competencies appropriate when interacting with families of a minority culture; (b) expertise in understanding the language acquisition process for second language learners; and (c) instructional strategies that address the cognitive and academic challenges English language learners encounter.


TESOL Certificate
Extend your degree.

The Advanced Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is designed to prepare certified teachers who already hold their master’s degree to understand the foundations of English as an additional language. This program demonstrates literacy and language teaching techniques while helping students develop skills and methods in teaching core subject areas in the students’ native language and in English. The program also cultivates an understanding of the roles of linguistics and grammar in second-language learning in grades K-12.