Long Island M.A. in TESOL

Long Island M.A. in TESOL

Make an impact. Share your passion for the English language. Get ready.

If you’re interested in teaching English to speakers of other languages in grades K-12, then St. Joseph’s University’s M.A. in TESOL is right for you.

Geared toward students who earned their bachelor’s degree in child study or who had a concentration in adolescence education, the St. Joseph’s M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) prepares students to understand the foundations of English as an additional language and demonstrate literacy and language teaching techniques. Furthermore, the TESOL graduate program develops skills and methods in teaching core subject areas in the students’ native language and in English, while guiding students toward understanding the roles of linguistics and grammar in second-language learning.

Advance Your Career through a TESOL Master’s Program

Teaching English to speakers of other languages is a vital component in the field of education, and TESOL program at our Long Island campus provides a balance of theory and practice that will enhance a future career in the K-12 world.

Get ready to make a difference to speakers of other languages while preparing to earn your TESOL certification in New York state.

Brionna SilvaBrionna Silva ’21 ’23
Child Study with a Concentration in Speech Communication, B.A.; TESOL, M.A.

“Throughout my child study education at St. Joseph’s University, I realized the importance of TESOL and how it can help educators like myself teach students in our diverse world. Every child deserves an appropriate education that sets them up for success in the classroom and beyond. Pursuing a M.A. in TESOL will provide me with different tools and strategies to create an inclusive learning environment that especially supports students who speak languages other than English.”

The Long Island M.A. in TESOL Experience

Learn from the Best: The education departments at St. Joseph’s University consistently rank among the best teaching programs in the New York metropolitan area. No wonder our education graduates have a high job placement rating. 


Be in Demand: According to TESOL.org, certified TESOL educators are in great demand across the United States, with New York being among the states with the highest need.


Interconnected: This interdisciplinary program supported by both the child study and adolescence education departments prepares educators through the use of a diverse range of topics, including required courses in childhood special education and literacy and cognition. If the students’ bachelor’s degrees are in child study, they gain exposure to clinical work in middle and high schools, and vice versa.

Flexible Online Schedule

Our online courses are taught synchronously which allows students to interact with faculty and classmates in real time.  This format eliminates many of the barriers faced by the professionals in our program as it allows them to work from anywhere and removes the need for them to travel to campus on a regular basis.