Brooklyn Spanish Major

Brooklyn Spanish Major

Learn a new language. Get ahead of the competition. Be ready.

Tailored to heritage and non-heritage speakers, our Spanish program gives students the opportunity to succeed as Spanish teachers in middle and high school, as well as in the fields of business, communications, translation and interpretation, law, government and international relations.  

Open Doors with the Spanish Program at our Brooklyn Campus

Our Spanish major develops proficiency in the language and fosters an understanding and appreciation of the Spanish-speaking world’s diverse societies. The Spanish major progresses from intermediate to advanced courses in conversation, grammar and composition, through the study of Spanish, Latin American and U.S. Latino literatures and cultures — including history, art, music and film. Spanish majors also have the opportunity to study abroad. 

Considering that Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the United States and in the world, mastery of it helps students prepare for a plethora of career opportunities.

The Brooklyn Spanish Major Experience

Heritage Speakers: Heritage speakers have a first-hand knowledge of the language. Majoring in Spanish makes them academically proficient. Take your language skills to the next level, while preparing for a career in a globalized world.


Non-Heritage Speakers: Are you a non-heritage speaker who feels passionate about languages? A bachelor degree in Spanish will give you the opportunity to develop and advance your language skills to become part of our global, translingual community.


Expand Your Area of Study: Gain a well-rounded degree by pairing your major in Spanish with another major in business administration, human relations, journalism and new media studies, nursing or speech communication.