Brooklyn Campus students are placed in modern language courses by an adviser based on their high school record.

Students who wish to take Spanish courses should register according to the score they have received on the Spanish placement exam as follows:

  • Below 281: first semester — SPN 151
  • 281-345: second semester — SPN 152
  • 346-402: third semester — SPN 201
  • above 403: fourth semester and higher — SPN 202 or higher, consult department

A student with a placement score at the extremes of an indicated range should consult a department adviser to consider other factors before shifting to a higher or lower-level course.

Students who intend to major in Spanish (or take it as their concentration area) and place above the SPN 202 level are encouraged to take more than one Spanish course per semester.


At this time, there is no placement exam for Arabic, French, Italian and Russian. Any student who wishes to take courses in these languages should register according to the number of years taken in high school as follows:

  • Only students without prior experience in the language should take SPN 151.
  • Students with one to two years of high school language should register for SPN 152.
  • Students with three to four years of high school language should register for SPN 201.