Brooklyn Human Relations Major

Brooklyn Human Relations Major

Be a problem solver. Learn about human behavior. Get ready.

The bachelor’s degree program in human relations from our Brooklyn campus prepares students for a diverse range of careers in a job market that continues to bloom.

Human relations is ideal for students intrigued by the challenge of understanding the sociological and psychological factors that shape human behavior. As a member of this interdisciplinary program, you will learn about sociology and psychology, while honing your skills in analyzing society from multiple perspectives. 

Dive in and study a diverse array of topics that range from globalization to personality, racial and gender inequality to social psychology, and deviant behavior to forensic psychology. Prepare to examine the complexities of society and how they impact human behavior. Get ready to make a difference.

The Brooklyn Human Relations Major Experience

Range of Opportunities: Our graduates work in such jobs as human resource manager, technical recruiter, human resources consultant, and training and development manager.


Minors that Matter: A major in human relations pairs well with such minors as speech communication, Spanish, psychology and sociology


Internship Experience: Human relations students are encouraged to weave internships into their learning, applying knowledge gained in class to real-world experience.