Long Island History Minor

Long Island History Minor

Enhance your résumé. Complement your major. Get ready.

Pursue your passion while studying the past with our history minor. 

Diverse enough to complement any major, a minor in history provides students a clearer view of the world and their place in it. Gain context for your field of study and go forward with a better idea of how to make a difference. 

No matter where your career takes you, you’ll be better prepared for your future with a minor in history.

Josue BenavidesJosue Benavides ‘22
Psychology Major with a Minor in History

"Obtaining a minor in history has been an eye-opening experience because it has allowed me to learn about different cultures, religions, and ethnicities. Alongside my major in psychology, my minor in history has taught me to have a greater appreciation for the unique qualities that we all carry. I can apply the knowledge that I learned when I am out in the field because I will be helping individuals from all walks of life."

The Long Island History Minor Experience

Get Involved Outside the Classroom: Want to pursue your passion even further? Join our student-run History Club.


Study Abroad: Global study trips allow our students to actively engage outside the classroom. Past trips led by history professors have included such destinations as Poland, Germany, England and France.


Expand Your Area of Study: Gain a well-rounded degree by declaring a minor in history, which pairs well with such majors as business, criminal justice, English, political science, psychology, sociology and speech.