Long Island Religious Studies Major

Long Island Religious Studies Major

Delve into spiritual exploration. Seek answers to life’s biggest questions. Get ready.

Prepare for your future with a degree that’s at the very heart of liberal arts with our B.A. in Religious Studies. Explore through reading, research and conversation about the fundamental questions of human existence.

At St. Joseph's University, religious studies majors study the two areas with a specialization in one. Through the interdisciplinary program, students gain such skills as problem-solving, written and oral communication, critical thinking, debating skills and analytical reasoning. 

Graduates with degrees in religious studies go on to work in fields as diverse as business, technical writing, information technology, ministry, journalism, academia, human services and political science. 

Get ready for a future filled with possibilities after earning your B.A. in Religious Studies from our Long Island campus.

Michael NadeauMichael Nadeau ’20
B.A. in Philosophy and Religious Studies, B.S. in Political Science

"The beliefs and convictions that I have developed during my time at St. Joseph's University will continue to be sharpened for the remainder of my academic and personal life. I believe that the solutions to the various political and cultural problems that plague our nation today can be found only in the disciplines of philosophy and religion. Nowhere was this more evident than in the philosophy and religious studies department at St. Joseph's University."

The Long Island Religious Studies Major Experience

Study Abroad: Global study and service-based trips abroad encourage a deeper understanding of the self and the fundamental questions of the world by encouraging students to immerse themselves in other cultures. Past trips abroad include travel to Oxford and Taiwan, as well as frequent volunteerism trips to Nicaragua.


Expand Your Area of Study: Gain a well-rounded degree by pairing your major in religious studies with a major in psychology, English, political science and history.


Minors that Matter: Pair your major in religious studies with a minor that complements it, such as peace and justice studies, mindfulness and contemplative living, English, psychology, environmental studies and business administration