Long Island History Major

Long Island History Major

Pursue your passion while exploring the past. Understand the value of history. Get ready.

Do you wonder how understanding our past can help to shape the future? Are you curious about the people and events that came before us? If so, then our history major is the right choice for you.

History majors on our Long Island campus develop diverse skills in critical thinking, writing, analysis, research and communication, preparing them for a variety of careers. Internships, course-related study abroad programs, community-based learning and interdisciplinary minors help to focus their interests. 

St. Joseph's University graduates with degrees in history go on to work in such fields as education, law, library sciences, public history and government. 

Get ready to delve into the past, while preparing for your future, with a B.A. in History from St. Joseph's University.

Leann DaltonLeann Dalton ’21
History Major

"The history department at St. Joseph's University has allowed me to gain a network of mentors and individuals within my major that are helping me further my career choice. The department’s academic requirements have allowed me the opportunity to learn about different historical topics and cultures that I wouldn’t have otherwise experienced."

The Long Island  History Major Experience

Study Abroad: Global study trips allow our students to actively engage outside the classroom. Past trips have included such destinations as Poland, Germany, England and France.


Internship Offerings: St. Joseph's University history majors have interned at prestigious places across Long Island, including the Long Island Museum, Suffolk County Historical Society, Smithtown Historical Society and the Long Island Maritime Museum. Many internships turn into job offers.


Expand Your Area of Study: Gain a well-rounded degree by pairing your history major with a minor that complements it, such as art history, business administration, economics, political science, psychology, sociology and speech.