HTM Vision and Mission

HTM Vision and Mission

The Hospitality and Tourism Management Vision is to promote unique places and cultures, protect memorable places and to facilitate life-enhancing experiences. This vision is realized through the slogan “Visit, Explore, Sustain."

The core values that guide the mission of the HTM program as it related to students, parents, alumni, professionals, faculty, staff, administrators, advisory council members and the community involve:

  • Life-long learning
  • Sustainability
  • Diversity
  • Management development
  • Service
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity

These values form the foundation of the HTM mission: “To advance leadership and knowledge within the Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Travel profession.”

The mission of St. Joseph's University is to provide a strong academic and value-oriented education at the undergraduate and graduate levels, rooted in a liberal arts tradition that supports provision for career preparation and enhancement.

The University prepares each student for a life characterized by integrity, intellectual rigor, spiritual depth, social responsibility and service - a life that is worthy of the University’s motto, Esse non videri — “To be, not to seem.”

To accomplish this, St. Joseph's University has established the following goals:

  • To offer curricula that foster the knowledge and intellectual skills associated with the liberally educated person
  • To encourage students to develop personal value systems and responsible self-direction
  • To foster committed participation in the local and global communities
  • To help students develop as whole persons by providing individual attention, interactive teaching and opportunities for active participation in academic and extracurricular programs
  • To prepare students for their careers by offering the necessary professional and pre-professional education
  • To provide for the needs of a diversified student population with varied educational and professional experiences
  • To foster an environment of openness to the exploration and understanding of diverse ideas, traditions and cultures
  • To support educational programs and services that will contribute to the vitality of the communities served by the Brooklyn and Long Island campuses