Long Island Hospitality and Tourism Management Department

Long Island Hospitality and Tourism Management Department

Excel in the global industry. Prepare for endless opportunities. Get ready.

As one of the largest contributors to global economic growth and job creation, hospitality and tourism management is an industry of the future. At our Long Island campus, the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) prepares students for a career that can take them anywhere.

Students can major or minor in HTM. With a major, they can choose between three distinct areas of concentration: hotel management, tourism and health care hospitality. Through these interdisciplinary programs, students enhance their skills in such areas as business management, marketing, social media and health administration. 

Gain experience firsthand through internships and study abroad opportunities. Get ready to pursue the job of your dreams with our Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Jonathan DiMariaJonathan DiMaria ’21
Hospitality and Tourism Management Major with a Concentration in Tourism

"I realized my passion for this line of work at a young age and have since been navigating my way through it. I am constantly reminded of the positive impacts the hospitality and tourism industry has on people’s lives, and I really love being a part of that. In addition to my desire to serve people, I love to see people happy and enjoying life; being in this industry, I savor times like those and am always motivated when bringing people together to celebrate."

The Long Island Hospitality and Tourism Management Experience

Study Abroad: Global study trips allow students to better understand international trends in hospitality and tourism management. Past trips have included such destinations as Costa Rica and Italy.


Be Ahead of the Curve: One out of nine U.S. jobs in rely on the hospitality industry. Prepare for one of the fastest-growing industries in the world with St. Joseph's University — the only college in Suffolk County with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism management.


Get Involved: Dedicated students who are passionate about the hospitality industry have the opportunity to connect with professional hospitality organizations, which offers them plenty of chances to get involved in events both on and off campus.

Hospitality and Tourism Management Programs

Hospitality and Tourism Management Major
Get ready for your future.

A bachelor’s in hospitality and tourism management prepares students for a whole range of careers in the fields of tourism management, hotel management and health care hospitality.



Hospitality and Tourism Management Minor
Add focus to your major.

An HTM minor is a natural fit for business, marketing, health care and recreation majors due to the overlap of classes. It is also an excellent complement to majors that study cultures, languages, history, journalism, international relations and the environment.