Students who wish to teach and who meet the academic and professional requirements of the department may elect a certification plan. Completion of this more intensive program qualifies for initial certification in four areas: early childhood (birth-second grade), childhood (first-sixth grades), students with disabilities: early childhood (birth-second grade) and students with disabilities: childhood (first-sixth grades).

Child study majors seeking initial certification in those areas in New York State are required to have 47 credits in child study, including student teaching. Students also must take Speech 224 - Children’s Literature and Oral Expression and are required to maintain a 2.8 GPA in both the major and overall.

Along with the child study curriculum, students complete the following:


Students must take eight humanities courses to fulfill the general requirements: two speech, two modern languages, one art, one English literature, one music and one classics, philosophy or religious studies course.


All child study majors must take one U.S. history, one New York State and one world history/geography course.

Natural Science and Mathematics

All child study majors must complete two science (one with lab) and two math courses.


All child study majors are required to take ENG 103 - Writing for Effective Communication.

Area of concentration

Each student is required to have an area of concentration of 30 credits, chosen from one of the following disciplines: American studies, art, communication studies, English, environmental studies, fine arts, history, human relations, mathematics, mathematics and computer science, music, philosophy, political science, psychology, science, social science, sociology, Spanish or another area with departmental approval.

Non-Certification Requirements

Students who wish to attain the B.A. in Child Study but do not seek to pursue New York State certification, elect the degree plan that requires 30 credits in child study and does not include student teaching.

Visit the Child Study Curriculum page for more detailed information on the child study program.

E-Portfolio Information

All students in the teacher education programs are required to purchase, create and maintain an e-Portfolio using the Chalk and Wire/Anthology system. The assignments required for this teacher education program will be discussed in class.

E-Portfolio Training Guide
E-Portfolio Training for Assessors