Undergraduate Research Student Testimonials

Kristen Pennisi

Kristen Pennisi ’21

Psychology Major and Mindfulness and Contemplative Living Minor 

"Last semester, I volunteered to participate in Dr. Treboux’s research lab where our primary focus is on attachment theory. This semester, I am interning in the same lab, and I am very excited to have the experience. I have learned many vital skills, such as how to conduct research, follow protocol, conduct research interviews, collaborate as a research team, and develop coding schemes for data. I feel well-prepared for grad school, where I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical psychology."

Nicholas Forman ’23Nicholas Forman

Mathematics and Computer Science Major

"Performing research at St. Joseph's University has been such a great and unique experience. This experience has not only been fun, but it also helps me as a normal undergraduate student because I am learning skills along the way. Working on quantum computers has given me a better understanding of how they fundamentally function. With this knowledge, I can hopefully create better stock market trading algorithms in the future as a quantitative analyst."

Kevin IbanezKevin Ibanez ’21

Biology Major with a Concentration in Adolescence Education

"The St. Joseph's University biology program has provided me with an endless amount of information and enthusiasm that, as a future educator, I will carry with me into the classroom.  The department does an excellent job of allowing students to explore topics beyond the classroom, whether it be for local ecology, Brookhaven lab, or even the waters of Costa Rica.  My time studying biology was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, one that I truly treasure."

Taylor FieldsTaylor Fields ’21

Psychology Major with a Track in Counseling and Guidance

"Working in Dr. Treboux's research lab has taught me so much about the field of psychology. Throughout my involvement, I have been able to explore my research interests as well as gain experience in conducting interviews and collecting data. I can take what I have learned in the classroom and use it, which has created a deeper understanding and appreciation for the field. The lab has helped me prepare for the future in the sense that it has taught me the significance of continuing curiosity as well as helping me discover my interests for my own future research." 

Keriann Tenney

Keriann Tenney ’21

Biology Major and Environmental Studies Minor

"The small classroom sizes and integrated learning have given me the confidence and resources to conduct research on the effects harmful algal blooms may have on fish within their embryonic stages. This research has inspired me to continue my career within the field of marine ecology and continue to study, understand and protect marine ecosystems. Along with the great community of students at St. Joseph's University, the professors within the biology department are incredibly helpful and are there to make successful future scientists."

Angela SuttonAngela Sutton ’23

Mathematics and Computer Science Major with a Concentration in Adolescence Education

"I started doing undergraduate research with Dr. Miller and two other students regarding the mathematics of quantum computing this past summer. The experience has been wonderful in helping sharpen skills, like writing proofs, and gave me real insight into the complexity and depth of background that we usually take for granted. I have learned skills and concepts outside the scope of regular courses, which better prepares me for more advanced topics in the workplace and/or graduate school."