Undergraduate Research Technology Award

This award was established by the Faculty Technology Committee, to recognize an innovative use of technology incorporated into an undergraduate research project presented at the University’s undergraduate research symposiums. Awards will be made annually, selected from applications submitted by students participating in these symposiums.


The applicant must be enrolled at St. Joseph's University during at least one semester of the academic year in which the award application is submitted, and the research paper or poster must have been accepted for participation and presented an undergraduate research symposium during the spring of that academic year.  Students in any academic department that sponsors the award are eligible for the award.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be judged base on the following criteria:

  • The student has a detailed understanding of the technology used in the project
  • The technology used in the project,
    • Plays a fundamental role in the research conducted as part of the project and/or the conclusions drawn from the research
    • Is applied to the research project in a unique and/or innovative way
    • Is beyond that commonly used in an undergraduate research project within the student’s discipline

Application Process

To apply for consideration of an award, a student must electronically submit a well composed essay describing the use of technology in the research project, to the chairperson of their academic department. The essay must be submitted two days after the symposium presentation submission due date, along with a cover page and pdf of the poster/paper submission. If final paper/poster is not ready in time for submission, include a rationale (i.e., analyses are in progress). After all submissions are evaluated within the academic department, those deemed worthy of further consideration will be forwarded to a campus based awards committee one week prior to the date of the symposium. The committee, composed of representatives from the academic and professional areas of the University, will identify those submissions worthy of an award.

Application Requirements

The application will consist of a well composed essay of 500-750 words describing the technology used in the research project. The essay should discuss the following themes:

  • Technology description: Cite, and describe, the technology used in the research project. State what parts of the technology, if any, were extended or self-developed.
  • Technology use: Describe how the technology was used within the project. Mention any specific or unique ways the technology was adapted to the research project.
  • Role the technology played in the research project: Describe the technology’s role in the research process and/or the role it played in the conclusions drawn from the research. Identify the parts of the research and/or specific conclusions of the research that would not have been possible without the use of the use of the technology.