Long Island Biology Department

Long Island Biology Department

Discover your surroundings while you discover yourself.

You're interested in a career in biology, whether you want to be a laboratory scientist or zoologist, and we possess the tools and faculty to get you there. Learn in advanced labs with real-world applications, and find tangible results in the real world.

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Sal D'Amato '11 • Bio Undergrad to Med School Standout

Salvatore DAmatoWeill Cornell Medical College

“I realized that an individual's health is perhaps one of the single most important factors that is limiting to a person in experiencing life to the fullest. It was my hope that in the pursuit of becoming a physician, I would be able to bring relief to those afflicted with various medical conditions so that they may get the most out of life."

The Biology of Justice • P.J. Brannigan

PJ BranniganSt. John’s University School of Law

“Studying biology at St. Joseph's University helped me develop the writing and logical reasoning skills that will help me in law school. Law school applicants with a degree in biology are desired by law schools because applicants for the Federal Patent Bar must possess a science degree. In addition to merit based scholarships, law schools also offer scholarships to biology students who want to pursue a career in intellectual property law or health care law. I was accepted to St. John’s University School of Law as an Intellectual Property Honors Scholar with a full tuition scholarship and I plan to specialize in patent law."

Stephanie Perez '13 • Building a Full-Time Future in PT

Stephanie PerezNYIT Doctorate in Physical Therapy

"St. Joseph's University has a wonderful Biology program, allowing students to learn the sciences through interactive lectures and labs (especially given the small class size). SJC provided me with pertinent and applicable scientific knowledge, as well as the ability to logically and productively research; this has allowed me to develop into the graduate student and health care worker I am today. I am forever grateful for my experiences from this program, and I have been highly recommending it ever since."

Combining Science With a Love of Animals • Erin McKeon '11

Erin McKeonCornell University School of Veterinary Medicine

"I know I'm going to excel, thanks to the strong background in math and science I got at St. Joseph's. I always thought that there could be no better way to make a living than to combine my love of science with my love of horses. Plus, [at St. Joseph's University] you can take upper level science and math classes that give you that edge when applying to medical, veterinary or other graduate schools."

Justin Donovan '11, DPM • A Foot Up on the Competition

Justin DonovanNY College of Podiatric Medicine ⇒ Podiatric Surgical Resident at Coney Island Hospital

"The faculty and staff of St. Joseph's University helped me develop a healthy study habit and prepared me for the vigorous course load of medical school. The staff of the athletic training room helped show me the importance of getting patients back to health, which led to my decision to go into podiatry."

Science Writer Without the Fiction  • Ashleigh Pulkoski-Gross, Ph.D.

Ashleigh Pulkoski-GrossScientific Affairs Associate and Medical Writer

"The best part of being in the medical communications field is that each day is different and offers the possibility of learning something new, and sharing that knowledge with others."

Noele Certain • Surpassing Through Research and Experimentation

Noele CertainMaster’s in Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Stony Brook University

"If I hadn’t chosen St. Joseph's University, I would have never received that great college experience that everyone looks for. I was able to gain such an immense amount of information, in and out of the classroom, due to the professors' willingness and ability to broaden our perspective. During lecture and lab, every student was pushed to surpass the minimum and advance our scientific thought through research and experimentation. The Biology Department at St. Joseph's University became my second home. This is where I picked my professors' brains, studied for hours in the labs and connected with other inquisitive biology classmates. Through the many experiences, I have gained a lifetime of knowledge from ‘the not-so ordinary’ biology professors of St. Joseph's University."

Breathing New Life Into Her Career  • Caitlin Short '12

Caitlin ShortRespiratory Therapist at John T. Mather Memorial Hospital

"I had a great foundation of science from St. Joseph's University. I am now a respiratory therapist at John T. Mather Memorial Hospital, where I treat cardiopulmonary patients. Some responsibilities of my job are understanding and managing a mechanical ventilator, administering oxygen and aerosol therapy, and performing and interpreting arterial blood gases. I am enthusiastic and passionate about my chosen field and it allows me to demonstrate my strengths in critical thinking, patient interaction and most importantly, patient care. St. Joseph's University gave me the foundation I needed to continue to pursue a career in health care and I am so grateful for that."

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Many exciting career opportunities are available to biology majors in the medical, pharmaceutical and environmental research fields.

Biology students interested in pursuing careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and the allied health fields are assigned to a Health Professions Committee (HPC) adviser. This adviser serves as a mentor and guides the student in choosing a career that suits his or her interests.