Accounting Internships

Accounting Internships

Fifteen accounting majors at on the Long Island Campus served internships during the Spring 2018 semester. Learn about their experiences — through their own words.

Launching Careers

Riley Brower ’18

Jones, Little & Co. CPAs LLP

“During my internship, I learned more about time-management, being diligent, and to always strive to do better. My internship experience overall has made me more excited about my career, and I feel encouraged to always keep learning.”

Jeffrey Bischof ’19

DDK & Company, LLP

“If you asked me two years ago where I would be, I would have never expected that I would be getting such a great education and valuable experience in my field.”

Working With Pros

Matthew Dipietro ’19

Nawrocki Smith LLP

“What most excites me about this internship is the fact that I can work in an environment with accounting professionals.”

Ryan Lamattina ’18


“After four years as an accounting major at St. Joseph’s University I felt that I was prepared to take the accounting field by storm. Interning at one of the ‘Big Four’ has given me a tremendous amount of experience in the audit field.” 

Applying Classroom Learning

Matthew Burnett ’18

Sheehan & Co. CPA, PC.

“It was very exciting to be able to put my knowledge to use in a practical way. It is one thing to learn about accounting in a classroom, but having hands-on experience with a firm cannot be replaced.”

Tyler Castello ’18

Markowitz, Fenelon & Bank, LLP

“It has been great to take the skills I have learned at St. Joseph's and expand on them with real-world experiences that I’ve encountered during my accounting internship.”

Sean Kind ’19

Markowitz, Fenelon & Bank, LLP

“This internship opportunity allowed me to obtain practical, real-world experiences of how to apply material I learned in the classroom as well as how to conduct myself when on the job.”

Nicholas Perrone ’18

Sheehan & Co. CPA, PC

 “School provides a great foundation, but actually doing work in an office for clients has increased my knowledge and given me an invaluable experience.”

Richard White ’18

Janover LLC

“The University provides you with plenty of opportunities to become a successful accounting major, but it is the intangibles that separate you from the rest of the field. It is knowing how to deal with people, learning to work together, and to constantly ask questions. Without that, you will not succeed, and Janover LLC has done a wonderful job stressing that to me and the other interns I have worked with.”


Kirsten Smith ’19

Diapoules & Feinstein, CPA, PC

“I expanded my hands-on knowledge immensely during my internship. The work has truly validated the path I’m taking. An internship in accounting is an experience both necessary for easy advancement and for application of accounting principles.”


Brandon Saravisky ’19

Skinnon & Faber, CPA, PC

“While preparing tax returns during my internship, I dealt with almost every topic that was covered in tax class, just in much more depth. I feel like I gained a significant amount of knowledge and understanding about the way tax laws work.”

Sara Szczecina ’18

Markowitz, Fenelon & Bank, LLP

“I was tasked with completing 1099s, tax returns, preparing financial statements and workpapers for review, as well as interacting with clients and helping with anything to make the firm run smoother.”