Current Global Studies Programs

Unlike most colleges, St. Joseph's University has valued study abroad by funding student study abroad experiences in faculty-led and/or semester long programs. This has made study abroad accessible to all students. St. Joseph's University scholarships apply to tuition abroad. The University also grants a significant number of $500-$2,000 stipends for faculty-led programs.

Explore the world for a week, a summer, a semester or an entire year. The opportunities are endless.

Brian GullyBrian Gully '17

"I studied abroad over the summer with our school's 'Oxford Experience.' Going to Oxford, and exploring all over England was the most eye opening and incredible experiences of my life. I not only had the chance to live, and study in one of the most historical universities in the world, but I got to push my boundaries and expand my horizons day in and day out. I recommend every student look into studying abroad."

Faculty-Led Programs

Open to students enrolled in any one of the respective courses listed.


Criminal Justice and Sociology in Germany

Dates: May 31- June 8, 2024
Price: $5463
Class: Choose ONE of the following courses: SOC 136, SOC 140, SOC 241, CJ 244, CJ 257, CJ 342, or CJ 400.
Note the following:
SOC 136 and SOC 140 do not have any prerequisites.
SOC 241 has a prerequisite of SOC 140.
All Criminal Justice classes have a prerequisite of CJ 158.

Out of the ashes of the Nazi regime, concentration camps, and World War II, blossomed a nation's commitment that life in corrections shall mirror as much as possible general living conditions outside prison. Visit Germany where the basic prison philosophy is based on reintegration, where prison management is based on relationship security, and where rehabilitation is central. Leave with an understanding of the power of dignity, as an ethos.



Science Without Borders: The Greek Islands and Beyond

Tentative Dates: June 14-27, 2024
Price: $4680
Class: BIO 210 (prerequisite or corequisite BIO 108, BIO 118, BIO 145, BIO 151, or instructor's permission)

Discover the ecological and cultural diversity of Greece on this instructor-led study abroad course in the spring. Then, in the summer visit several Greek islands such as Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, and Evia, as well as mainland Athens, for an unconventional, authentic, and refreshing approach to learning. Snorkel in the Mediterranean Sea, and hike the mountainous chaparral terrain, exploring both terrestrial and marine habitats. Enjoy native cuisine and visit various historic sites and museums. 



Cross Cultural Social Psychology: Romania and America

Dates: July 13-30, 2024
Class: Only one of these courses is required: PSY 330 (prerequisite or corequisite PSY 100) OR HIS 270

Romania serves as a backdrop for many famous castles, including Bran Castle commonly known as Dracula's Castle. On this trip, you will explore the history of Romania through walking tours and local interactions with makers of olive oil and folk costumes. Students will work with a nonprofit organization that utilizes outdoor education methods to help restore trust and creativity to a society transitioning away from decades of authoritarian rule. You will learn how the environment as a whole impacts our behavior and how we relate to others. 


Czech Republic

Education in Czech Republic

Tentative Dates: June 24-July 5, 2024
Price: $4355
Eligibility: Open to juniors, seniors and graduate students working on a special education certificate. 

Connect with and learn from special educators and students from all over the world. Visit castles and world heritage sites in Prague, and enjoy time to explore the city's wonders on your own.



Business in Italy

Dates: May 31- June 12, 2024
Class: Only one of these courses is required: ACC 211, ACC 342 (prerequisite or corequisite ACC 200 or ACC 213), BUS 275, BUS 130 OR BUS 150

Embark on a dream trip to Italy and explore the historical highlights of Milan, Venice, and Rome. Experience Milan, the fashion capital of the world, with its own unique architectural flair, island hop in the city built on the water, Venice, featuring sites such as the famous St. Mark's Square. While in Rome, explore ancient attractions such as the Colosseum, the Vatican and Sistine Chapel. During the business part of the program, students will get a behind-the-scenes look at successful Italian companies. 


Contact Information

For more information, visit the Office of Global Studies on Long Island at Room 3, O'Connor Hall, off the Student Hospitality Lounge or call 631.687.1280. In Brooklyn, call 718.940.5306. Email us at [email protected].

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Next Steps for Enrolling in a Study Abroad Program

  • Enroll in the respective spring class
  • Complete a study abroad application
  • Submit a $500 deposit for your chosen program(s). At the Long Island Campus, submit your non-refundable deposit to Lena Grasso in Room 3, O'Connor Hall, off the Student Hospitality Lounge. At the Brooklyn Campus, please submit your deposit with Karen Pane in Lorenzo Hall 1st floor.