Current Global Studies Programs

Unlike most colleges, St. Joseph's University has valued study abroad by funding student study abroad experiences in faculty-led and/or semester long programs. This has made study abroad accessible to all students. St. Joseph's University scholarships apply to tuition abroad. The University also grants a significant number of $500-$2,000 stipends for faculty-led programs.

Explore the world for a week, a summer, a semester or an entire year. The opportunities are endless.

Brian GullyBrian Gully '17

"I studied abroad over the summer with our school's 'Oxford Experience.' Going to Oxford, and exploring all over England was the most eye opening and incredible experiences of my life. I not only had the chance to live, and study in one of the most historical universities in the world, but I got to push my boundaries and expand my horizons day in and day out. I recommend every student look into studying abroad."

Faculty-Led Programs

Germany and Austria

Rebuilding from the Rubble: The Historical and Psychological Impact of the Holocaust on Modern Europe

Class: HIS 370 and PSY 330
Tentative Dates: June 1-13, 2022

Learn about World War II in Germany and Austria from historical, cultural & psychological perspectives. Students will visit Berlin, Nuremberg, Munich, & Vienna to understand the impact of the atrocities of the war from an individual & collective lens, as well as being able to view the topographical effects of the war firsthand. Students will gain an understanding of the impact The Third Reich had on German citizens, as well as how psychological & generational trauma impacted and continues to affect the fields of history & psychology.

England (Oxford)

A Tragic Sense of Life and Death: Human Dilemmas & the Quest for Meaning

Class: PSY 330
Tentative Dates: June 25-July 16, 2023

How do we find meaning in life? Some suggest that meaning is to be found in doing what makes us happy. Others believe it is about connecting with others and to something larger than the individual. Yet, others assert that there is no meaning to life. We will discuss all of this during the Oxford Experience and explore the issue of how and where we can find meaning in our lives. Dating back to the 11th century, Oxford University is one of the oldest colleges in the western world and the place where many of the foremost thinkers have studied these same questions. The course will integrate academic knowledge with intentional experiences via an intensive three-week period of study in residence at Oxford University (St. Hilda’s College) in England.  Students will engage each day in small group discussions with peers and faculty. They will also visit historical sites and museums, take in architectural marvels, attend plays and engage with the rich ambient culture. By living in Oxford and traveling to such locales as Stonehenge, London and Salisbury, students will have the opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime intellectual journey. This program is ideal for students who are prepared for a rigorous academic experience and who also want to explore the world in an intentional manner.

Costa Rica

A Top Biodiverse and Sustainable Country for a Field Ecology Course

Class: BIO 280 [prerequisite or corequisite BIO 145]
Tentative Dates: May 15-22, 2023

With the Costa Rican Monteverde Research Institute as our guide, we will hike in the rainforest and cloud forest, explore the beaches, observe dolphins, and sea turtles, eat a fresh local seafood lunch, catch bats and kayak in a mangrove. We'll examine the different biomes and ecosystems of Costa Rica, including mangrove forests, the cloud forest, lowland tropical rainforests and coral reefs. Focus will be placed on learning the huge terrestrial and marine biodiversity of a tropical country

Non Faculty-Led Programs


Summer Month in Madrid, Spain

Credit: 6 Global Perspectives Language credits
Tentative Dates: May 28 – June 29

Make the dazzling capital city of Madrid your home for a month. Immerse yourself in Spanish while soaking in everything cultural that the city has to offer such as tapas, art, dancing, and museums. Fulfill your Global Perspectives requirement of 6 Spanish credits, while having the time of your life experiencing this iconic and energized city of Spain.


European Innovation Academy

Dates: July 16 - August 4, 2023
Credit: Earn three credits as a business internship (BUS 362) 

The European Innovation Academy is the world’s largest entrepreneurship program for students. Young innovators form international teams to turn their ideas into business plans within three weeks, with the help of an outstanding lineup of mentors, speakers and investors from Google, Airbnb, Alchemist Accelerator and Bullpen Capital, among other businesses.


Contact Information

For more information, visit the Office of Global Studies on Long Island at Room 3, O'Connor Hall, off the Student Hospitality Lounge or call 631.687.1280. In Brooklyn, call 718.940.5306. Email us at [email protected].

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Next Steps for Enrolling in a Study Abroad Program

  • Enroll in the respective spring class
  • Complete a study abroad application
  • Submit a $500 deposit for your chosen program(s). At the Long Island Campus, submit your non-refundable deposit to Lena Grasso in Room 3, O'Connor Hall, off the Student Hospitality Lounge. At the Brooklyn Campus, please submit your deposit with Karen Pane in Lorenzo Hall 1st floor.