Study Abroad Partnership

Study Abroad Partnership

St. Joseph's University, New York gives students the opportunity to choose a study abroad program that meets their academic and personal interests. For guidance in choosing a program, contact the Global Studies office.

Once you choose a program, please log in to the portal and electronically complete the Long-Term Study Abroad Global Studies application process.

Reputable Study Abroad Providers

Academic Programs International (API)

API arranges study abroad programs, in 38 cities. API supports students before, during and after study-abroad.  Housing facilities, and health and safety debriefings are included with enrollment. 

API Website

American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS)

AIFS is one of the oldest, largest and most respected cultural exchange organizations in the world. AIFS partnership programs are formal arrangements between educational institutions and AIFS in which AIFS provides logistical support, student services, classroom and housing facilities at a location abroad.

AIFS Website

Amizade Global Service-Learning

Amizade empowers individuals and communities through worldwide service and learning. Amizade values community-driven service, deliberate learning, intercultural immersion and exchange, global citizenship and reflective inquiry.

Amizade Gobal Service-Learning Website

CEA Study Abroad

Established in 1997, CEA provides customized internships and support all the way through the intern/study abroad process. They have destinations in 21 cities across 12 countries

CEA Website

CIS Abroad

CIS offers study abroad and internship programs. CIS provides support through the entire study abroad process, and partners with local universities in order to offer a variety of classes.

CISAbroad Website

Florence University of the Arts

As a partner of St. Joseph's University, students can attend Florence University of the Arts at a discounted rate. Florence University of the Arts (FUA) provides hands-on opportunities for students to intern inside and outside the school. As part of classwork students can assist in running the university restaurant, fashion boutique, printing press, and the art gallery. FUA offers a lot of flexibility for students to attend classes for 3 weeks throughout the school year, January, and summer. Read Alyssa Bosco's story of interning and taking classes at Florence University of the Arts. 

Florence University Website

Semester at Sea

Semester at Sea is  in its 50th year of providing global comparative education. On board students study in shipboard classrooms, and while in the 8-10 ports students engage in field excursions, participate in service learning, and communicate with local foreign leaders.

Semester at Sea Website

University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia

St. Joseph's University is pleased to announce its study abroad partnership with the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. 

To learn more about Queensland, please use the following links:

University of the Sunshine Coast Website

How to Apply

Any student interested in studying abroad at the University of the Sunshine Coast must complete the following documents prior to registering for the program and submit a copy of all paperwork to the Office of Global Studies.

  • Students must complete a study abroad application and provide proof of a valid passport and international medical insurance. Completed applications must be returned to the Office of Global Studies.
  • Students must complete a permission to take off-campus courses for credit form, have it signed by the chairperson of their major department, and return it to the registrar’s office.
  • Deadlines for the upcoming semesters are:
    • Semester 1: Semester 1: February-June.
      Deadline: October.
    • Semester 2: July-November.
      Deadline: April.

Other Long-Term Options

Long-term study abroad options are available to St. Joseph's University students. If you would like to study abroad for a full semester or a summer, please visit the Office of Global Studies in Room 3, O'Connor Hall, off the Student Hospitality Lounge or email [email protected] or call 631.687.1280 for more information.