Contributing to the Study Abroad Scholarship Fund

Contributing to the Study Abroad Scholarship Fund

Thanks to the generosity of the St. Joseph's University, New York faculty members, the Global Studies Fund has been endowed. In the Spring there will be an application process for a $500 stipend, which can be applied to tuition abroad or travel expenses.

This scholarship provides important funds for expenses relating to study abroad for a semester or longer.

Full-time students at St. Joseph's University who have a GPA of at least 3.0 and demonstrate financial need will be eligible to apply. The mission of the Office of Global Studies is to provide opportunities for all students to have a global learning experience.

Global studies programs seek to extend the exposure of St. Joseph's University students beyond the diverse ideas presented in the classroom to the global environment of ideas, cultures and ways of life. For most of its history, the Office of Global Studies, working in conjunction with faculty, focused on the development of short–term programs in order to satisfy increasing student demand for such programs and to cultivate the culture and mindset of study abroad within the student body.

Since the summer of 2005, more than 1,000 St. Joseph's University students have studied abroad, mostly on short-term programs. In recent years, however, more students have inquired about long-term study abroad opportunities. The office has undertaken two new initiatives to encourage and support study abroad for a semester or longer: establishing partnerships with institutions throughout the world and providing financial assistance in the form of the Study Abroad Scholarship Fund. To eliminate financial barriers to study abroad for increasing numbers of students we need the help of the St. Joseph's University community.

If you should have any questions about contributing to the Study Abroad Scholarship Fund, please contact the Global Studies Office or click here to contribute, and choose Study Abroad Scholarship Fund. If you’re an employee and would like to make recurring contributions, please fill out this form.